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    Watching old Kinect Quick Looks today, your presence is missed so much. Thanks for everything, and thanks to Giant Bomb Infinite for consistently reminding us of what a special personality you were.
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    Hey thanks
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    Oh captain, my captain.
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    I didn't know you personally, but...your passing was hard for me to deal with...it genuinely felt like losing a cherished friend and video games don't have the same appeal for me now that you're gone.
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    I know you must be proud of the site. It's better than ever but still not the same. Thanks
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    still miss you duder
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  • fisk0 posted a message in the forum topic Steam Holiday Sale 2014 - Master Thread. on the Steam board

    So I guess X: Rebirth never got an additional discount then. I don't think that game seems worth 24.99€, considering how it was when it launched. I would've considered it around 15€ though. Not a whol...

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  • MooseyMcMan posted a message on the post The Punisher: No Mercy.

    "Magical fucking gun wizard."

  • Irvandus posted a message in the forum topic Raise your glass in memory of a fallen duder.. on the Ryan Davis board

    I don't drink but I'll sure as he'll raise a glass of diet coke in his name.

  • frymillstrum posted a message on the post Letter from the Editor - 07/02/2014.

    Funnily enough the only time I saw any of the stuff referred to here was when people reacted to it. Guess I got lucky.

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    Always remembered, never forgotten; We miss you, Ryan.

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