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    Noel Kreiss

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    Noel is the last living human from a dying world, who travels back in time to help Serah and save his own future. He is the main male protagonist in Final Fantasy XIII-2.

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    Noel acts very straightforward, confident and cheerful. But regarding his past with Yeul and Caius, he seems rather secretive and takes some time before explaining it to Serah.

    He is transported to Valhalla via the Historia Crux, where he meets Lightning, who sends him back to the past to watch over her sister Serah and help her change the future. He is also given Mog, a moogle who can transform into a weapon for Serah and acts as a good luck charm.

    Noel is a very responsible and protective person, as he does not hesitate to protect Serah against monsters despite not knowing her. When he meets Snow Villiers, he instantly doesn't like him for his irresponsible and brash attitude. He also values life a lot, as he refuses to kill Caius multiple times.


    He is originally from seven hundred years in the future, where Yeul, Caius and he are the last living people. After showing his strength by defeating a Behemoth, he is designated by Caius to become the seeress Yeul's new guardian. As there can only be one person in this position at a time, Caius asks Noel to kill him. Strictly refusing this, he rather wants the three of them to stay together and find other people. Caius rejects this plan and instead wants to free Yeul from her curse.

    Burdened with loneliness after Caius leaves for Valhalla and Yeul's death, he seeks out a gate to Valhalla to be acknowledged by Etro and change his fate.

    Other Information

    Although sharing multiple similarities with Oerba Yun Fang from Final Fantasy XIII, they have no connection.

    His voice actor is Daisuke Kishio in the Japanese version, and Jason Marsden in the English version.


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