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    The capital of Nova Chrysalia, Luxerion is home to the headquarters of the religious order that worships Bhunivelze.

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    Luxerion is one of the four primary locations in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Referred to as the City of Light, it is the capital of Nova Chrysalia and the home to the cathedral that serves as the headquarters of the Order; the religious organization that worships the almighty god Bhunivelze. It also serves as a central hub of travel, as it is the only location that shares a monorail route with Yusnaan as well as routes to both the Wildlands and Dead Dunes.

    Luxerion's main quest involves Noel Kreiss, whom Lumina has shown a supposed future through an oracle drive that depicts his reunion with Yeul in a new world after killing Lightning. Lightning must track him down and defeat him in combat to clear him of the delusion. Once the main quest is cleared, Lightning can attend to a smaller quest to enter the Order's cathedral and meet Vanille, whom the Order are keeping cloistered within due to her ability to hear the voices of the dead.

    Luxerion's cathedral is also location of the endgame. On the final day, Lightning storms the cathedral in order to stop the Order from tricking Vanille into enacting a ritual that will destroy all of the souls of the deceased, as well as all memory of them. In the game's finale, Lightning must venture even further inside, and face off with Bhunivelze himself.


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