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    A city of constant parties and celebration, the residents of Yusnaan are watched over by Snow Villiers and await the end of the world amidst constant entertainment.

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    The city of Yusnaan is one of the four primary locations in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. The city is a popular tourist destination, home to constant celebrations, fancy restaurants and feasts, and nightly performances. Snow Villiers rules it as Patron from the safety of his palace, as he wishes for the people to be able to have fun in the time they have remaining. However, he also harbors the pain of holding back the Chaos in Yusnaan by himself, using the last of his strength as a l'Cie to keep the people safe before he succumbs and becomes a Cie'th.

    The city is also home to large industrial and warehouse districts. Also home to the last of the fal'Cie, the city uses the fal'Cie's power to produce food and other necessities for both its residents and those of Luxerion. At the start of the Yusnaan main quest, Lightning must use a path through these districts in order to enter the heavily guarded Auger's Quarter.

    Until alternate routes are unlocked, the only way to reach Yusnaan is by taking the monorail from Luxerion's North Station.


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