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    Snow Villiers

    Character » appears in 9 games

    A playable character in Final Fantasy XIII, Snow is the leader of the rebel group known as Nora.

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    Along with the other playable characters of Final Fantasy XIII, Snow is a Pulse l'Cie. This is a person, who is destined to carry out a certain focus designated to them by the Ultimate Ruler, The Fal'Cie. If he refuses to carry it out or doesn't accomplish it in time he will turn into a Cie Corpse or otherwise a Soul-less Cei'th, which is a Helpless creature. Being a Powerful l'Cie is the reason he can summon the two Shiva Sisters, who can transform into a rideable motorcycle. These are Snow's Eidolons and he Confronts them in Chapter 03...

    Snow is the leader of the resistance group called N.O.R.A. and also the fiance to Lightning's younger sister, Serah Farron.



    Height:200 cm (6'7")

    Laterality: Right-Handed

    Home: Bodhum, Cocoon

    Exclusive Skill: Sovereign Fist

    Ultimate Weapon: Save The Queen


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