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    Jihl Nabaat

    Character » appears in 2 games

    A lieutenant colonel of Sanctum, and commander of PSICOM. She is known for her cold and meticulous methods of operating, helping her pave a way to the highest military ranks of the Sanctum.

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    Jihl Nabaat is a PSICOM officer of the Sanctum in Final Fantasy XIII. When news breaks that a Pulse fal'Cie was found in the village of Bodhum, Nabaat and her PSICOM forces began the Purge, taking Sazh's son, Dajh, who had detected the fal'Cie, into custody for further testing.

    Nabaat, in pursuit of Sazh and Vanille, lays a trap for the pair in the resort city of Nautilus. Using Sazh's son Dajh as bait, she manages to capture the pair and brings them aboard the Sanctum airship Palamecia. Her intent is to lure Lightning and the other l'Cie to come to their rescue so that they too could be captured.

    However, Nabaat's plans quickly sour. The l'Cie board the Palamecia with the help of Cid Raines, commander of the rebel Cavalry fleet. At the same time, Sazh and Vanille break out of confinement, and both parties wreak havoc throughout the ship until finally meeting up. Nabaat, unable to foresee this circumstance, begins to panic as the Sanctum's Primarch, Galenth Dysley, enacts his own plan.

    When the l'Cie charge into the ship's bridge, Nabaat stands in their way. It is there that Dysley deems that the PSICOM officer has outlived her usefulness, and strikes her dead before she can do anything that would interfere with his larger scheme.

    Final Fantasy XIII-2

    Though Jihl does not appear in the story, she can be fought as a special DLC Coliseum battle in Final Fantasy XIII-2. Should the player defeat her, she can be recruited as a unique "monster" and can fill the saboteur role in a paradigm.


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