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    A female summon that is featured in countless Final Fantasies.

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    Shiva is a recurring figure in the Final Fantasy series. Though her name is taken from the Hindu god of destruction, her form an abilities bear no resemblance to that of the actual deity. For details on the Hindu god, please refer to the Shiva page for the Megami Tensei character.

    Along with Ifrit and Bahamut, she is one of the only summons to appear in every primary Final Fantasy game from Final Fantasy III onward.

    Appearance & Abilities

    Shiva is a summoned creature that, depending on the Final Fantasy game referenced, is referred to as a Summon, Guardian Force, Esper, or Eidolon. She has the appearance of a beautiful woman with blue skin and hair that is an embodiment of ice element magic. As such, her signature attack "Diamond Dust," sometimes called "Gem Dust," deals ice elemental damage.

    Final Fantasy XIII

    Shiva's appearance in Final Fantasy XIII is unusual by standards of the series. In this game, Shiva is not one being but rather two sisters, Nix and Stiria. They are summoned together, and in their Gestalt Mode merge to transform into a motorcycle. Only Snow is capable of summoning Shiva.


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