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    The home of the last lush, green fields in Nova Chrysalia, the Wildlands are filled with wide open spaces.

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    The Wildlands are a lush, green region and one of the four primary locations in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Here, people live lives away from the hustle and bustle of city life for simpler existences away from the strict laws of the Order. It is home to small villages, vast fields, and a forest housing interesting secrets. In the far north are the ruins of a fallen airship.

    The Wildlands are home to two of the game's main quests. The first revolves around a ruined temple; the last remnants of the fallen goddess Etro's realm of Valhalla. Here, Lightning meets Yeul and Caius Ballad. But though Lightning can fight Caius, she cannot save his soul or grant it peace. He is bound to the Chaos, and Yeul refuses to let him go.

    In the second main quest, Lightning finds Sazh Katzroy fretting over his son Dajh, whose soul has fragmented and scattered across Nova Chrysalia. Lightning must hunt down the missing fragments so that Sazh can use a special box given to him by Lumina in order to restore his son's soul and allow the boy to wake up.

    During the main quest to find Caius, Lightning must track down a legendary white chocobo the locals call the Angel of Valhalla. Once she has saved it from a chocobo eater and nurses it back to health, it becomes her faithful steed and can be ridden across the Wildlands. After Lightning has had her encounter with Caius, it is revealed to her that the Angel of Valhalla that she was supposedly destined to meet is none other than the reincarnation of her Eidolon, Odin.

    The Wildlands are also home to the last village of the moogles. Hidden deep in the forest, it is overseen by Lightning's old ally Mog.


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