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Benjamin is the protagonist of Final Fantasy Mystic Quest and the only character avaiable for the entire game. Selected early on by The Mysterious Old Man as the "Chosen One" while fleeing from the destruction of his hometown, Benjamin is tasked with visiting each of the four regions of the world and defeating the elemental dark lords.

Benjamin's personality is that of a youth clearly in over his head, but is steadfast and determined enough to see his quest through to the end. The player gets a sense of his naivety with how readily he trusts people (including the mercurial Tristam) and comments about how his allowance is "only 2gp a month".

As the hero, Benjamin can use all available spells and four unique weapon types, each with their own upgraded variants: The Sword, the Axe, the Bombs and the Claw. Besides his starting sword, he is given the first level of the other three weapons by other characters (Kaeli, Tristam and Phoebe). The upgraded versions are either found in dungeons, won in battlefields or bought in stores. The exceptions are the grenades (given by Reuben) and the Dragon Claw (given by Tristam).

At the end of the game, after defeating the Dark King, Benjamin decides he is not yet done with adventures and sets off in Captain Mac's ship to parts unknown (unwittingly bringing Tristam along with him).

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