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    Paine is one of the three playable characters in Final Fantasy X-2. Her past is unclear and she joins the Gullwings in helping Yuna discover more spheres hidden around Spira.

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    Paine is a sphere hunter from Final Fantasy X-2, the only new playable character. By default, she wields a sword in battle as the Warrior class. Little is known about Paine's past before X-2, but it is suggested that she spent her childhood growing up during the time of Sin's reign upon Spira during Final Fantasy X. During Sin's rule, Paine ended up joining the Crimson Squad, a elite group of soldiers created by Yevon. She was sent to help aid in the completion Operation Mi'hen and was tasked as a recorder with three men named Nooj, Baralai and Gippal. The team made their way to the Den of Woe but witnessed the murder of all of the other members of the Crimson Squad. As nobody was meant to survive the Den, they were put up for execution but they managed to escape unharmed. The four stayed together for a while, with Paine still recording their travels and Gippal taught her how to speak fluent Al Bhed. However, when they decided to separate Nooj betrayed the team and shot each of them in the back and left them for dead.

    Final Fantasy X-2

    Paine in FFX-2
    Paine in FFX-2

    Two years after the Crimson Squad event, Paine joined up with the Gullwings hoping to find out the truth about the Den of Woe. She also mentions that she always wanted to fly on a airship Celsius anyway.She becomes a Sphere Hunter along with Yuna and Rikku and the three of then journey together to collect spheres and find out if Yuna's lost love, Tidus is still alive.

    Final Fantasy X-2 International + Last Mission

    Three months after the events of Final Fantasy X-2, the Gullwings have separated and gone their own ways; with Yuna living with Tidus in Besaid, Rikku going on mission after mission and Paine wandering Spira by herself. Each of them receive a letter that brings them all back together to explore the Yadonoki Tower. The trio meet up again to recover their lost friendship and go on another journey together.

    Appearance and Personality

    Paine was designed by Tetsuya Nomura who gave her a gothic look with the use of black leather boots and gloves complete with belts and chains. Paine has short silver- colored hair and red eyes that are similar to the character Lulu although there is no known relation between the two. Paine is cynical, rather quiet, and generally keeps to herself. She is tough and loves a good fight, but is also sensible enough to sense trouble a mile away. If her fellow Gullwing team-mates get a little too enthusiastic, she uses sarcasm to jolt them back into their senses.

    Gameplay Abilities

    The player is able to change Paine's job class by changing dresspheres. Paine can use any of the dresspheres but her default dressphere is the Warrior. As a Trainer, Paine commands a falcon called Flurry which can use an attack called Maulwings! which brings other birds into battle to help defeat an enemy.

    Full Throttle

    Paine's special dressphere, Full Throttle
    Paine's special dressphere, Full Throttle

    Paine has a special dressphere that can be found in Macalania Woods in Chapter 1 or 2. Using this dressphere, Paine operates a machina with bladed wings that uses swords to attack the enemy. The wings are used for healing, while Paine attacks using the swords.

    Other Appreances

    Kingdom of Hearts II

    Paine makes an appearance in this game as a chibi fairy version of herself along with Rikku and Yuna. The trio work as mercenaries who are sent to spy on Leon for Maleficent.


    • Think you can keep up? (first line)
    • I could've danced all night. (actually referring to a fight)
    • How about "kick... its... ass."
    • Too bad. I was just about to tell you.
    • Effortless!
    • I hate this Dressphere! (when changing to Songstress)
    • What the hell is this? (When getting the Mascot dressphere)
    • Another flawless victory.
    • Don't forget that notoriety can be a bad thing.
    • You'll get less respect points.
    • Ex-summoners come in all flavors.(when talking about Isaaru)
    • Don't think it's just a game. Your life's on the line.(when changing to Lady Luck)
    • If you're gonna bring it, then bring it! (when sphere-changing to Berserker)
    • You. It's what's for dinner. (when using Flare)

    Other Information

    • Paine is voiced by Gwendoline Yeo and Megumi Toyoguchi in the respective English and Japanese versions of the game.
    • It was rumoured among fans that Paine was the daughter of Final Fantasy X character Auron. No such relationship is mentioned in the game itself, and Paine's backstory is barely touched on.
    • Paine can occasionally be heard saying "Knowing is half the battle" which is a reference to the G.I. Joe cartoon's Public Service Announcements.

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