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Baralai was a member of the Crimson Squad during the events of Final Fantasy X along with Paine, Nooj and Gippal. To become a member of the Crimson Squad, the team were sent on a mission in the Den of Woe. Baralai’s mission was to find out the true secrets behind Kinoc’s orders while attending Operation Mi’ihen. The group found the mission to be easy at first, but as they reached the centre of the cave, other recruits began to slaughter each other because of Shuyin who was unsent. Shuyin was capable of possessing a person’s body, using people with strong negative emotions as puppets he could control. He managed to control Baralai, Nooj and Gippal and had them turn on each other however; Paine was able to snap them out of their madness. Shuyin remained in control of Nooj’s body without him noticing and when the team escaped the Den, he had Nooj shoot each of them in the back. The managed to survive the attack however, and Baralai decided to go to Guadosalam where Seymour Guado helped him by giving him some refuge.

Final Fantasy X-2

Two years later, Baralai emerged from hiding and joined up with the New Yevon party and he was elected to become Praetor. Baralai still held hatred towards Nooj, who was meyvn to the Youth League, who were at loggerheads with New Yevon. After finding a sphere in Kilika, the player can choose to side with the Youth League or New Yevon. If they decide to give it to New Yevon, they can gain Baralai’s trust, but if they decide not to give it to him, he acts cold towards them. Yuna and the Gullwings find out about the machine, Vegnagun and decide to head to Bevelle so they can stop it from destroying Spira. While in the Bevelle Underground, they come across Baralai who tries to stop them from activating it. Nooj, who is still under Shuyin’s control, manages to activate it instead but it flees to the Farplane.

Baralai posessed by Shuyin
Baralai posessed by Shuyin

Afterwards, Baralai, Nooj and Gippal decide to meet up under Bevelle to try and come up with a plan to stop Vegnagun. Baralai, who is still angry at Nooj for betraying them, threatens Nooj and Shuyin uses his hatred to control him. Baralai, possessed by Shuyin, flees to the Farplane where he finds Yuna, who has fallen down a hole into the Farplane. Shuyin reveals himself to Yuna as he thinks she is Lenne due to her wearing the Songstress Dressphere and disappears into a portal, still in Baralai’s body. The Gullwings, along with Gippal and Nooj decide to work together to free Baralai and stop Shuyin using Vegnagun. Yuna manages to separate Shuyin from Baralai using his feelings for Lenne to get him to assume physical form. Baralai becomes free of Shuyin and returns as the leader of New Yevon and decides to bury his differences with Nooj and Gippal.

Appearance and Personality

Baralai wears a green overall with green baggy trousers and brown boots. He has white coloured hair and brown eyes and wears a blue headband. Baralai is a very polite and well spoken person, who goes with what he believes is right. He takes a very conservative approach to things and is respected greatly by other party members.


Baralai wields a lance, with two circular rings on each side of it as a gun. His attacks are very hard and fast and he has very strong abilities which include an attack called Drill Shot. They player gets to fight Baralai twice throughout the game, once in Bevelle and again in the Den of Woe.

Other Information

  • Baralai is voiced by Joshua Gomez in English and Sobu Kenji in Japanese.

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