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Vegnagun is a machina created in the city of Bevelle during the Great Machina War, which occurs 1000 years before the events of Final Fantasy X. The Vegnagun machina is the most powerful machina ever created, and possesses the ability to destroy all of Spira. One of the main appeals of the Vegnagun system was that it could detecy emotion and tell whether the detected person intended to cause harm to it. Unfortunately, what made it so terrifying was the fact that it did not concern itself with whether that scanned person was friendly and simply intending to deactivate it, or an enemy who was legitimately intending to destroy it. Vegnagun is located in the lower caverns of the city of Bevelle, and is encountered in several different parts due to its sheer size and power.

Vegnagun Tail

The tail of Vegnagun is the first part that is encountered by the players of the game, and it is an extreme threat to any players who are under Level 60. It is not uncommon for lower level parties to be entirely devastated by the tail, which can commonly deal over 1500 damage in one of its two attacks. The tail of Vegnagun has 34,200HP, and 9,999MP, meaning that it is able to perform an extremely large amount of magic and that it can take a huge amount of damage.

Vegnagun Leg

Vegnagun's leg is the second part of the machina that you will encounter. It is arguably even more dangerous than the tail was, and has more HP, at 38,000. However, should all the characters use the Dark Knight costume the leg becomes extremely easy to beat, as they can cause more damage to the orbs running down the leg - these areas are a critical weakness of the leg.

Vegnagun Body

The body of Vegnagun becomes the third encounter with the machina that will be played. It has less health than both the leg and tail, with the same amount of MP. Vegnagun's body is extremely well defended and most attacks to it will do little to nothing.

Vegnagun Head

The head of Vegnagun is the final part of the machina that must be destroyed. However, beating this thing is much harder than any other part of the creation due to the fact it must be done within a time limit. The Vegnagun is charging the weapon mounted on its head, and if it fires it will destroy all of Spira. Therefore, beating this part of the creature must be done before it is able to fire. When Vegnagun is badly injured it will use its most powerful ability: Nemo-Ante-Mortem-Beatus. After the destruction of the head, the Vegnagun machina is destroyed, and Spira is safe.

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