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    Unofficial capital of Spira and later home to New Yevon.

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    Final Fantasy X

    Bevelle is the site of Yuna's forced marriage to Seymour. Tidus and the group slide down from the airship on wires and fight through soldiers to save her. Seymour threatens their lives, but Yuna falls backwards, summoning Valefor, and escapes. The distraction is enough for Tidus's group to flee as well.

    In Bevelle Temple's Chamber of the Fayth, Tidus breaks the taboo and goes in to see Yuna. Yuna receives Bahamut in this temple.

    Bevelle is also Yuna's birthplace.

    Bevelle is protected by a creature known as Evrae the guardian wyrm it attacks the party on the Al Bhed airship on the way to Bevelle to rescue Yuna it reappears again after it has been defeated in Tidus,Wakka and Rikku's portion of the Via Purifico where it is in a zombified state.

    The end of the game takes place high above Bevelle in the air as Yuna and her guardians confront Sin and Yu Yevon in the Al Bhed airship.

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