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    Bikanel Island

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    Bikanel is a desert island located in Spira. It was, for a time, the location of the Al Bhed Home.

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    Bikanel Island is a vast desert wasteland of sorts. Nothing but endless dunes, filled with scraps of machina and abandoned nomad's tents.

    In Final Fantasy X, the part first arrives here after Sin comes by Macalania Temple and whisks them away. Tidus awakes in a small oasis, and searches for his friends nearby. He finds them, including Rikku, who has knowledge of the area, being Al Bhed. She leads the party through the sands, checking Al Bhed posts and signs to indicate where to go. Eventually, they reach the Al Bhed Home, only to find it under attack.

    Bikanel is home to the Al Bhed Home, a large complex where the Al Bhed mainly organize (like their headquarters). It is where the party meets Rikku's father, Cid, and get a hold of a great airship, escaping the crumbling buildings.


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