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    Kimahri, a silent but gentle giant, guards Yuna and often acts as her father figure.

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    Most of Kimahri's history is shrouded in mystery, because of his reserved speaking habits. Kimahri is considered tall among humans, but the average female Ronso is taller than him and the average male Ronso towers over him. When he was younger, he got in a fighting contest with fellow Ronso clansmen, and lost. One of these Ronso, Biran, decided to snap Kimahri's horn off of his head, leaving only a stub. Within the Ronso tribes this is seen as a sign of weakness and humiliation. It's unknown what Kimahri did after this point in time, but it's assumed he left the Ronso life style and tried to fit in with the human villages and cities. After High Summoner Braska defeated sin, his remaining guardian Auron, found Kimahri while travelling. Auron asked Kimahri to find Braska's Daughter (Yuna) in the city of Bevelle, and take her to the island of Besaid. This officially made Kimahri Yuna's personal bodyguard, and later, guardian.

    The first time Kimahri speaks is after operation Mi'hen, where he tells Tidus to keep smiling throughout the journey, no matter what. He faces the clansmen who beat him (Biran and Yenke), when the party decides to make the climb. Kimahri defeats both of them at the same time to reclaim his honor and earn the respect of the Ronso. Unfortunately, not long afterwards, Seymour Guado (the ruler of the Guado) murders most of the Ronso when they try to stop him from reaching the party. Kimahri and the party eventually make it inside Sin, where they send Seymour to the Farplane and Annihilate Sin.

    His preferred weapons are spears like Gungnir and the Spirit Lance. He carries armlets for protection.

    In Final Fantasy X-2, Kimahri has become the new Ronso elder. He is respected by most, but some of the younger Ronso have become enraged with the Guado, ever since Seymour's massacre. Garik, the leader of these Ronso youth, is planning to take action and wage war on Guadosalam. Garik believes that this chaos is necessary, for he thinks that Kimahri's inaction is to blame. Yuna, Rikku and Paine (he Gullwings) decide to take action, with Kimahri warning that if YRP do not stop Garik's assault, the elder himself will do so. Eventually the Gullwings manages to stop Garik before it is too late. Kimahri has yet to earn Garik's respect, until he literally beat's some sense into him, lecturing Garik for his headstrong immaturity. A statue honoring Kimahri is built by the Ronso youth, signifying a new age to come for the Ronso.

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