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My favorite gaming heroes.

Yep, that's what this list is about.

List items

  • Capell is probably the character that I had the most dramatic change of opinion about in all of gaming, and he's also possibly my favorite. He starts off as a selfish and cowardly musician, and ends up a courageous hero.

  • I know, I know. Vaan is the "main character" of FFXII right? Well...not really. I mean, Vaan is the player character, but he actually doesn't do all that much for the story. FFXII was originally meant to feature Basch as it's main character, and it is rather obvious that he (along with Ashe and Balthier) is the real main character.

    He is a truly epic character.

  • Garrus is amazing, I love this guy. My top favorite party member in Mass Effect.

  • I couldn't resist after adding Basch. After all, he is "the leading man."

  • Wrex is one of my favorite party members in the ME series.

  • The central character of Soul Calibur is a guy who just plain rocks.

  • Riku is my favorite character in the Kingdom Hearts franchise. The guy is pretty cool, and has a fairly deep personality. He was actually so focused on finding his friends, that he was willing to sacrifice everything.

  • While I like Wrex more overall, Grunt is awesome.

  • My favorite girl from Mass Effect 2, Jack is pretty crazy, but you've gotta love her!

  • Tali comes in second for my favorite female character in ME. She is simply a great character.

  • Liara is rather funny. I really enjoy what her personality brings to the games.

  • While Riku is cooler, I really do like Sora. By the end of the first Kingdom Hearts, Sora had matured a lot, and he actually turns out to be a real hero. Unfortunately, in Kingdom Hearts 2 they felt the need to make him more immature and stupid than he ever was before.

  • "Of course I know him, he's me."

  • Revan = Coolest Sith ever.

  • Psychotic, totally hilarious and a good guy!

  • Piccolo is so freaking hardcore.

  • Krillin rocks.

  • He's like an overgrown kid who's obsessed with training and fighting. Goku is hilarious!

  • It's a him! Mario!

  • I like Isaac a lot, especially once he's given a personality. But before that, I really had fun with the Yes/No choice system. lol

  • Specifically Warcraft III. I don't play WoW...

  • Like Thrall, I like the Warcraft III variant.

  • Pac-Man is on this list because it was so fun to shoot him with a sling-shot on Pac-Man 2 for the Genesis. I never did figure out how to beat that game...

    Now my girlfriend has gotten me into Pac-Man World 2 and I am liking him even more.

  • Chris Jacobs is totally awesome.

  • Arrogant, elitist legionnaire. For some reason I still like the character.

  • Both Princes make the list. The reboot Prince is great because he's hilarious. The Sands of Time Prince is great for many reasons, including his humor.

  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.

  • Started out as a jerk-face, but ended up one of my favorites.

  • Grom is completely insane. He has his heart in the right place in the end though. He's a really cool character.

  • A big and sometimes jerkish barbarian. He turns out to be pretty cool.

  • Sassy archer/former thief chick. Gotta love her!

  • The Liberator is pretty hardcore.

  • Awesome.

  • Heck yes.

  • Surprisingly cool.

  • Freaking hardcore monster.

  • Karen is a beastwoman. Well, not literally, but she is an amazing fighter with a level head, and she is cute to boot!

  • The hot-headed protagonist of PSU. He starts out a bit irritating, but he grew on me.

  • Luigi = Beast.

  • Knuckles owns.

  • Trust issues, but he grew on me. Awesome character.

  • Cool dude.

  • Aya is one fiery gal. She's cool once she stops being a jerk to Capell though.

  • When I first saw David, I thought he was just another Square pretty-boy, and I didn't like him. But he has since grown on me. He has command of the Gae Bolg (which is way cooler than it sounds) and is capable of wiping out multiple enemy units at once. Aside from his combat skill, David has proven to be a noble leader who cares deeply for his people, and a genuine friend to Rush.

  • Before Scorch, I had no idea clone troopers could ever make me laugh.

  • "It's you! The Hero of Kvatch!!!"

  • The heir to the Imperial throne, Martin Septim is one of my favorite NPCs in Oblivion.

  • The Marquis of Bhujerba, and friend of the Dalmascan royal family. Ondore went on to effectively lead the resistance against the Archadian Empire upon learning that both Princess Ashe, and Basch fon Ronsenburg were in fact alive.

  • Nathaniel Hawk is easily one of my favorite lead characters in gaming. He is a quick-witted sailor who is forced into a sour deal with Robert Silehard, the governor of Redmond. He serves England under Silehard for some time, before turning to piracy.

  • She may be a pirate, but she is a hero.

  • Sky is the classic dashing rogue of a guy. He is a father whose daughter was killed by slavers, and he seeks to avenge her. He later decides that so long as the man the slavers worked for is dead, his quest is over at last. He then decides that your quest is a good one, and looks forward to putting an end to more slaving operations.

  • Doing his best to stand for all that is right, Uther is actually one of my favorite Warcraft characters over all. I was ticked when Arthas killed him.

  • Crazy-cool, elderly Tauren chieftain.

  • Muradin was cool. Freaking Arthas.

  • Galen Marek is one of the best.

  • Kota is amazing. If you want to read why I think so, read his description on my Wild Old Men list.

  • Yeah, Mumbo's a hero. Don't like it? You've gotta be trippin'.

  • Link is cool. I'm not 100% sure why, he just is. I mean, he never speaks, but for whatever reason, he doesn't seem to need to.

    Link is one of my main characters on Super Smash Bros. and of course, I'll never forget the Ocarina of Time. Classic hero.

  • "He's a pirate!" "And a good man!"

  • Wakka is pretty awesome. Personally, I think he could benefit from using an actual weapon, but I guess that the blitzballs do seem to be working for him.

  • Big, crazy-powerful beast man. You want to see the resident badass of Final Fantasy X? Look no farther.

  • Way-cool healer girl, who can also summon amazing creatures. Plus she is a dork, and dorky chicks rock!

  • Leon is a BEAST.

  • Torin is just way too memorable to not be here.

  • When Tidus first came on the scene I couldn't stand him. Now I actually like him. He's actually a pretty cool guy. His voice is a little irritating sometimes, and he laughs at inappropriate times. But I do that too, so whatever.

  • The wandering king of fighters (no pun intended). Ryu is, essentially a homeless wanderer who's goal in life is to continue to better himself in all aspects of life, and to become the greatest warrior in the world.

  • Ken is Ryu's rival. An American guy who trained under the same master as Ryu, Ken has proven himself time and time again as a great fighter. He holds the title of U.S. Master of Martial Arts, and has for some time now.

  • Guile is a ripped U.S. soldier dude that makes the list due to a mixture of pure nostalgia from SF2, and contrary to popular opinion, his portrayal in the Street Fighter live action movie.

  • Zangief is a huge awesome freak. He's been a favorite since SF2 and has recently become one of my mains in SF4. I also loved his portrayal in the Street Fighter movie.

  • My favorite of Skyrim's traveling companions.

  • Know thyself.