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    Delta RC-1262 is the explosives expert of Delta Squad. He loves blowing stuff up and taking shots at Sev. Rumor has it he earned the nickname "Scorch" when he seared his eyebrows off in a demolitions accident.

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    Delta 62 (Scorch) is the Demolitions expert of Delta squad. He was nicknamed Scorch because of a demolition accident that blew off his, and his trainer's, eyebrows for a long period of time.


    Scorch was one of the first to be deployed into Geonosis and the first to meet up with Boss. Scorchs main role on Geonosis was to do what he loves, to blow stuff up. After Sev killed Sun Fac, Scorch and Delta went into the catacombs and he destroyed the droids communications jammer and the droid manufacturing base. After that Scorch and Delta went to the core ship where they split up. Scorch fought his way through the droids and sabatoged the ship causing the ship to blow up. After that he reunited with Delta Squad and escaped the core ship with the launch codes.

    The Prosecutor

    367 days later. Delta Squad was ordered to investigate the Prosecutor Delta Squads first home. So Scorch and Delta squad split up to search the whole ship. Unfortanatly Scorch was captured by Trandoshans and was put into a holding cell. After he was rescued by Delta Scorch helped Delta Squad by defending the ship against droids and Trandoshans. After they got the barriers to work, reinforcements came and Scorch and Delta left the ship.


    Scorch and Delta Squad were sent to Kassyyk for intelligence reasons. Scorch and Delta destroyed Trandoshan camps and saved Tarfful. After that a seperatist crusier came over Kashyyyk. So Delta split up and Scorch took a anti air turret and shot down the crusier. Scorch then reunited with his squad but Sev lost radio contact. Forced to leave, Scorch had to leave the area wishing he could go back for Sev.

    Birth of an empire

    When the great jedi purge had begun, Scorch was an Imperial commando in service of the new order. He still replayed Sev's abandonment in his head endlessly, and deeply resented Boss, Fixer, and his commanders for leaving him behind, but forced himself to move on. From then on the comedic joker part of him died and was replaced with a more battle hardened and serious personality.


    Scorch was generally considered to be the most lighthearted Delta and loved poking fun and annoying his other squad mates. He had an over-developed sense of irony, and was the resident wise guy of Delta Squad, much to the annoyance of some of his peers. But the Clone Wars took its toll on everyone involved; after a rocket attack on the bases' mess hall, Scorch took out his pent up frustration and rage on the bodies of the local rebels who fired the rocket. It only got worse for Scorch. After the squad was ordered to abandon Sev on Kashyyyk, they pulled out against Scorch's pleas, causing him to lash out at Fixer when the Splicer tried to comfort him. Even going as far as saying that Delta squad would never leave a man behind.

    Scorch carried a large ordnance pack strapped to his back and sported yellow markings on his wrist gauntlets, making him easier to be identified by his squad-mates. Supposedly Scorch got his nickname after a training accident with some ordnance that left him without eyebrows for sometime


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