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General Grievous pre-transformation
General Grievous pre-transformation
General Grievous was born as Qymaen jai Sheelal and fought for most of the Clone Wars. He belonged to a race known as the Kaleesh, and was a renowned warrior. After the death of a loved one, Kummar, he went into a horrible depression and took on an identity more appropriate for a being who was destined to grieve forever. He was from then on known as General Grievous. After taking control of the Banking Clan's private army of Droid Enforcers, he thought his people would be safe from the Jedi, who were tricked into helping the Kaleesh's mortal enemies. When Grievous broke his contract with the Banking Clan to help his people, they conspired to keep him in their servitude indefinitely. Darth Sidious and Count Dooku bombed his transport, leaving his body injured and leading him to think the Jedi were responsible. Planted evidence and intentionally furthering Grievous' injuries during medical care helped the Sith convince Grievous that the Jedi were to blame for everything that went wrong. His brain and eyes were implanted into a droid's body, with blood from the frozen body of Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas. He was then transformed into the General Grievous as most know him today. The same droids and techniques used to turn General Grievous the organic lifeform into the droid-infused lifeform would also be used on Anakin Skywalker in his transformation into Darth Vader.


General Grievous is one of the most dangerous lightsaber duelists in the galaxy, having been trained by Count Dooku himself.  Grievous' versatility is legendary, as he is capable of utilizing hundreds of different styles of saber combat, including tactics that make use of all of his four separate arms, and a rare tactic in which Grievous grasps the hilt of a lightsaber with the mechanical claws of his feet. 

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