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    Political hub and capital of the galaxy, Coruscant has appeared in many Star Wars games.

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    Coruscant is a massive city-world, a planet almost entirely covered in city and industrial buildings. Located in the deep core, Coruscant is the political capital of the Star Wars Galaxy, where the Galactic Senate and the Jedi Temple are located. This planet is completely overrun with buildings and skyscrapers, which have been built up to enormous heights. Coruscant is so over-developed, most citizens never venture down to the Coruscant streets, instead using hovercrafts to get around via upper-level hoverlanes. The actual streets of Coruscant are shady places, full of criminals and low-lifes; due to this environment, upper-class citizens rarely venture to the planet's surface.

    Aside from the massive city covering most of the planet, there is a large abandoned industrial stretch which Darth Sidious used as a hideout when meeting with and training Darth Tyranus, and polar ice-caps which exist on at least one of the poles.

    Coruscant is well known as the center of the galaxy, with its hyperspace coordinates being (0,0,0), it is also connected to many galactic trade routes. This makes Coruscant as one of the riches and most important worlds in the known galaxy. Coruscant has been the the center of numerous conflicts in its history, as who ever controls Coruscant controls the galaxy.


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