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Bioware's upcoming MMO known as Star Wars: The Old Republic, based on the critically acclaimed Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series, will allow the player to take on the role of a character in the Star Wars universe, namely a Jedi or Sith (other classes have been speculated but have as of yet been left unannounced.) As a wielder of the Force during the days of the Old Republic, the true power of the Force has yet to be forgotten as seen in the age of Darth Vader.

Innumerable ages before even the Old Republic surfaced, Tython lay a quiet paradise undisturbed by the future of warfare and greed ahead of her; however, secrets that had been long left undiscovered would soon be revealed and the galaxy would be forever changed. Here on Tython arrived a sect scholars whose passion for learning knew no bounds: On Tython they discovered the power of the Force. And like all power, this very power bred conflict and greed. A war ensued and Tython was nearly destroyed. To avoid catastrophe, a select few of these new masters of the Force fled Tython into the darkness of space. Later they would settle on another planet and establish the first Jedi Order. Tython was all but forgotten.

Jedi of Tython
Jedi of Tython

Eras began anew and then ended, the cycle of ages went on; though no secrets remain hidden forever. In time, the secrets of the Force's origins surfaced once more. What has been labeled "The Great War," lead to the rediscovery of Tython. The Jedi of the Old Republic stumbled upon the homeworld of their spiritual ancestors.

Soon the dreaded day arrived with an unsuspected, blitzkrieg sacking of Coruscant by the mysterious new Sith Emperor. The Jedi Order was forced (ho-ho-ho, no pun intended) to flee Coruscant and construct a new Jedi Temple. Tython was the chosen destination, this was the homeworld of their forefathers and where greater mysteries, that might lead to fully understanding the power of the Force, would be found.

Although the Jedi may now claim Tython as their rightful inheritance, a darker power is hidden from sight and awaits the opportune moment to rise again.

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