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    Another fighter used by the Rebel Alliance. Like its brothers, its name is taken from its shape. It is faster and more maneuverable than the X-Wing or Y-Wing.

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    This is the fastest starfighter in the Rebel Alliance. The A-wing can outrun most ships in the imperial Navy, making it ideal for hit-and-run missions. Its powerful armament includes twin wing-mounted pivoting blaster cannons and concussion missiles. Although the A-wing is highly manoeuvrable in dogfights, it cannot sustain much battle damage, and its cockpit design exposes its pilot to enemy fire. A-wings rely on skilled piloting to keep them in fighting condition. 
    Its speed, agility, and warhead load allow it to target attacking craft at long distances from valuable Rebel capital ships, making it the Rebel Alliance's interceptor of choice.  These same traits make it very capable of any mission requiring engagement with enemy fighters.  
    In skilled hands, it can hold its own against capital ships, but in such assaults, it is better suited as an escort for heavier fighters, like Y-wings or B-wings, as they make their attack runs. 
    As an opponent, the A-wing's nimble, unpredictable handling characteristics and slim profile make it difficult to target. This, combined with the craft's ability to get behind and latch on to the tail of the most maneuverable Imperial fighter, make it a solid choice in any multiplayer engagement. 
    A disadvantage to using the A-wing is that its dual lasers don't offer many one-shot kill opportunities. The warheads help balance this, as does the A-wing's ability to maintain pursuit of a target until it is destroyed.  

    While newer players may find the A-wing's handling to be too sensitive and difficult to control, with practice this trait of the A-wing will pay dividends in tactical options.

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