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    Rebel Alliance

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    The Alliance to Restore the Republic is a rag-tag band of freedom fighters that opposes the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War.

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    This page contains major spoilers for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Just so you know.


    The Rebel Alliance (or officially the Alliance to Restore the Republic) was a group of freedom fighters determined to resist the Galactic Empire, and it's leader, Emperor Palpatine. Formed by Darth Vader's secret apprentice Starkiller, the Alliance eventually would go on to recruit Vader's son, Luke Skwalker, and eventually supplant the Galactic Empire as the ruling force of the galaxy, shedding the Rebel Alliance mokier, and becoming the New Republic.


    The Rebel Alliance began shortly before the completion of the Death Star, as a plot by Emperor Palpatine to root out all of his enemies, and destroy them in one fell swoop. This was accomplished by Darth Vader, who, manipulating his apprentice Starkiller into believing it was a ploy to distract the Emperor, ordered him to form a group of dissidents and rebels opposed to the Empire, at which point Starkiller and Vader would kill Palpatine, and take over as rulers of the galaxy.

    Starkiller began to gather these rebels b hunting down General Rahm Kota, a Jedi he had fought with- and blinded- previously, and convincing him to help in the formation of an alliance. Kota would not reveal his rebel contacts however, until Starkiller went to Kashyyyk and rescued someone, who later turned out to be Princess Leia Organa, the daughter or Bail Organa, a senator who would be interested in forming a rebel alliance. This was Kota's contact, but after Starkiller returned from Kashyyyk, Kota revealed that Organa had gone to Felucia in search of master Shaak Ti, and had disappeared as soon as he landed. Starkiller set out for Felucia, and rescued Bail from the fallen Padawan Maris Brood.

    Bail said he knew of several other senators who would support the idea of a rebellion, but they had to be shown that the Empire was vulnerable first. Starkiller promised he would prove it's weakness, and asked Darth Vader (On whose order he was forming the alliance), for a target. Darth Vader suggested theh shipyards over Raxus Prime as a target, and Starkiller agreed. He travelled to the surface of Raxus Prime, and re-routed a planetary cannon to fire on the orbital shipyards, destroying them. Following this, a Star Destroyer started heading for his position, which Starkiller pulled out of the sky and destroyed with the Force.

    With this show of weakness, the rebels agreed the time was right to form an aliiance. Bail Organa and his fellow rebel senators, Mon Mothma and Garm Bel-Ibis, agreed to meet on Corellia at a secret location, along with Starkiller, Juno Eclipse, Rahm Kota, and PROXY (Transmiting as Princess Leia), to discuss the formation of the official Rebel Alliance. Starkiller relayed information of this meeting to Vader, but told him to stay away. Vader, seeing the time as ripe to complete his plans and destroy the Emperor's enemies, arrived on Correlia along with a contingent of Stormtroopers, and blasted their way into the treaty room, where Starkiller and the senators were discussing their alliance. There he revealed Starkiller as his servant, and the fact that he had only used the boy to root out Palpatine's enemies. After a short duel, Vader defeated Starkiller, leaving him hanging off a cliff edge. However, before he could strike the killing blow, he was distracted by PROXY, taking the form of Obi-Wan Kenobi, attacking him to save his master. Vader easily destroyed PROXY, but when he turned back, Starkiller was gone. Vader took the captured senators to the Death Star for interrogation and execution from the Emperor himself.

    However, Starkiller had survived the fall from the cliff, and arrived on the Death Star to save the rebels, having finally decide on his true allegiance. After a duel with Vader, Starkiller reached the Emperor's Observation platform, where the captured rebels were being held. Palpatine offered to make Starkiller his apprentice if he struck down Vader, but Rahm Kota, not wanting to see Starkiller fall to the darkside once more, pulled Palpatine's lightsaber from him with the force and tried to strike down the Sith Lord. However, Palpatine easily used Force Lightning on him, immobilizing and torturing Kota. Bail Organa yelled for Starkiller to help Kota, which the young man did, rushing forward to confront Palpatine.

    After a furious duel the Rogue Shadow, piloted by Juno Eclipse arrived to extract the rebels and Starkiller. However, the Emperor tried to stop the fleeing rebels with Force Lightning, but Starkiller stepped in and absorbed the atack, countering with his own Force Lightning. The resulting explosion nearly destroyed the chamber in which the two were fighting, giving the rebels time to escape. Both Vader and Palpatine survived, but the confrontation proved too much for Starkiller, who died a martyr to the rebel cause. Having uwittingly created the Rebel Alliance, Vader and Palpatine now found themselves with new enemies.

    Leia reveals the Marek Family crest
    Leia reveals the Marek Family crest
    Juno took Bail Organa, Rahm Kota, Mon Mothma, Garm Bel-Ibis, and Princess Leia back to Kashyyyk, where they finalized the formation of the Rebel Alliance in the shattered and burned remains of Starkiller's childhood home. Brushing of the table, Leia says they need a symbol to rally behind, a symbol of hope. As she finishes brushing the table, an Alliance Starbird appears, having been the Marek family crest. The Rebels adopt this as their official symbol, in honor of their fallen leader, and resolve to destroy the Empire and finish what Starkiller started, no matter what it takes.

    Insurgent Activites

    During the following years, the Rebellion adopted a strategy of hit-and-run insurgent tactics to combat the Empire, at first being nothing more than a loosely bound group of like-minded individuals, the Rebel Alliance eventually grew into a serious coalition of entire star systems willing to oppose the tyranny of Palpatine.

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