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    Iconic blaster fodder which appear in any good Star Wars game, having origins with the Republic's Clone troopers. Come in a wide number of different variants.

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    The troopers were originally cloned from Jango Fett, a bounty hunter, and were meant to be the Army of the Republic, but towards the end of the clone wars, the Troopers went against the Republic and attacked their Jedi Generals at the command of Chancellor Palpatine. After that, The troopers were given new armor and weapons and were named the Stormtroopers Corps of the Empire. The Corps then expanded as Palpatine allowed non-clones to join the ranks. The stormtroopers were supposed to be an elite unit, only employed by Palpatine and his direct commanders. Ironically, these elite troopers were defeated by Ewoks in the Battle of Endor, and have a difficult time hitting protagonists, so much so that some call this cliche, the "Stormtrooper effect." Within the corps. lie specialized divisions such as snowtroopers, sandtroopers, scouttroopers etc.

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