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    Delta RC-1140, aka Fixer, is Delta Squad's technician and pure soldier. He prefers to do everything by the book and can hack just about anything.

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    RC-1140 also known as Delta 40 or Fixer was Delta squads splicer who could hack any system.


    Delta Squad was originally deployed on Geonosis, along with most clone troopers in service during the war. Due to complications, the commandos had to be dropped separately. Fixer rendezvoused with Boss and Scorch in a fighter hangar, and when the other commandos needed silent entry or a force field disabling, Fixer always managed to bypass Geonosian security codes and quickly gained a reputation as a miracle technician. After eliminating their first target, the Geonosian Sun Fac, the squad advisor reassigned the squad to eliminate a droid factory underneath the arena, which Theta Squad had attempted to breach without success. Fixer was called upon to disable a shield protecting a Jamming Device so that Scorch could plant a charge. Eventually, the squad disabled the factory, and were airlifted to a new objective. Unfortunately, they met heavy resistance, not least from dwarf spider droid. After disabling an AA turret, the squad was ordered to disable a Core Ship and retrieve the launch codes to halt the Sepratist evacuation. When Delta Squad fought their way in they split up to sabatoge the ship in different areas so the ship would be destroyed. After that Fixer reunited with Delta squad and Fixer downloaded the launch codes and escaped.  
    The Prosecutor  
    367 days into the Clone Wars, Delta Squad was deployed to their first home during service, an Acclamator-class Assault ship called the Prosecutor. The ship was infested with mynocks, and several scavenger droids had managed to enter. Fixer had left his squadmates for a faster mission completion; however, Sev and Scorch were incapacitated by Trandoshans. Boss had witnessed Sev being incapacitated, but due to a comm's failure, Fixer did not find out, so carried out his mission as planned. However, he found out in time that two squadmates were down, so rendezvoused with Boss, who had retrieved the data from Sev's target data banks, and together, the two rescued Sev from interrogation running into some resistance from a  Trandoshan Elite, then Scorch from the detention block. Scorch had completed his mission, and the reunited squad fought it's way to the bridge to deactivate a jamming device that was interfering with long range communications. However, the squad then found out that the Trandoshans had hatched a deal with the Separatists. In return for the ship and allegiance to the CIS, the Trandoshans would receive technology. The Deltas then had to fight off a droid incursion, and then aid another newly-arrived Acclamator ship, the Arrestor, in destroying the Droid control ship.      
    Fixer, along with the rest of Delta Squad, was then deployed to the Wookiee homeworld Kashyyyk. They first come up against well-armed Trandoshans, however Sev sees it as 'textbook Trando camp defense'. However, as they get deeper into the camp, a small fighter flies overhead. Boss asks for an ID, and Advisor identifies it as General Grievous's personal fighter. Boss confirms Grievous's  presence on Kashyyyk, and the Squad then has to endure attacks from the Magna Guards. Advisor orders them to rescue Tarfful, the Wookiee leader. After this has been achieved, the squad is ordered to blow a bridge up which would impair the Separatist invasion. However, after a minor hiccup in the plan, the squad has to use a Wookiee rocket launcher to blow the gas tank beneath the bridge, which impairs the invasion. Then, the Squad aids the Wookiees in destroying several droids while fighting towards the city power generators, to prepare automatic defense turrets. However, there is another hiccup--a Separatist dropship arrives. There were four turbolaser turrets beneath the ship, so Fixer mans one and aids the destruction of the dropship. However, their victory is short-lived--the squad loses contact with Sev, and new orders come in, ordering a retreat. The real objective is then revealed--the Squad was used to prepare a full scale invasion.    
    Personality and abilities  

    Fixer never truly had one expression most of the time like the rest of Delta Squad. Most of the time, he minded his own business or sliced into a computer; otherwise, he was rather quiet and only broke the radio silence to reprimand Scorch or Sev for doing likewise with their banter, save for when accepting an order from Boss or providing his status with other individual tasks. Fixer responded to all his orders with levelheaded professionalism, but expressed clear exhilaration when assigned to a task suited to his area of expertise: slicing.        


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