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Urdnot Wrex is one of the few remaining Krogan Battlemasters in the universe depicted in Mass Effect. Being a battlemaster, Wrex is able to utilize biotics as well as firearms in battle.

Wrex with his helmet off.
Wrex with his helmet off.

Wrex, being a natural born warrior, quickly rose through the the ranks of clan Urdnot, which was run by his father Jarrod. As a result of his prowess he was given a tribe, a sub-section of a clan, to lead. He later fought in the Krogan Rebellion against the Turians, who were ordered by the council to stop the Krogan expansion after the Rachni Wars. The Turians beat the Krogan's militarily, then rendered them unable to reproduce correctly with the genophage, which rendered only 1 of 1000 births of Krogan viable. This bio-weapon caused Wrex to change the way thought about the purpose of his people. He felt that the Krogan needed to focus on rebuilding their society, rather than expanding their empire through might, because they did not have the numbers for war. His father, Jarrod, did not agree to with this method of thinking. Jarrod ambushed Wrex on a meeting at the sacred Krogan burial ground, where no violence was permitted. Wrex killed his father defending himself. After seeing how the burial place of his ancestors were desecrated, coupled with the fact that his people had turned into mindless warmongers, Wrex turned his back on his people.

For the next three hundred years, Wrex lived his life as a gun for hire, offering his abilities as a warrior to the highest bidder. He even worked for Saren at one point, though to his credit he did not know who Saren was at the time.

Mass Effect

Wrex with his helmet on.
Wrex with his helmet on.

Wrex is first encountered in the game by the player, Commander Shepard, at one of two places, depending on the players course of action. The encounters are as follows:

  • He can be seen getting into a quarrel in Chora's Den, in the Wards of The Citadel, with a few bodyguards about their boss, Fist.
  • He can be seen at the C-Sec Academy, also located in the Wards of the citadel, conversing with a C-Sec officer.

Wrex later joins the players party because he finds out the player is going to confront Fist on a separate matter. Seeing his chance to kill Fist, he accompanies the player on this task. After the task is completed, Wrex remains with the party, as a favor to Shepard. Later Shepard and Wrex engage in a conflict which can involve Wrex being killed by either Shepard or another character, or Wrex coming back to the party. This subplot involves the genophage and a dark side of the Citadel government. The Krogan were recruited and given current technology by the Salarians in order to help fight off the Rachni. However, the Krogan breed prolifically and live long lives, creating an opportunity with Mass Effect technology for great expansion. This expansion then led to the Turians being brought in to fight the Krogan and the Genophage weapon to limit Krogan numbers once conquered. This exploitation of the Krogan by more advanced races is never fully resolved in the game and allows the player to see the more established and sophisticated races as being brutal and unjust when they see fit, adding a more realistic background to the universe. Wrex also has a side mission associated with bring him along that involves the retrieval of family armor that a Turian Collector had stolen from him.

Mass Effect 2

Depending on the player's actions in the first game, Wrex will make a cameo appearance in the second game should Wrex survive. If Wrex did in fact survive the the events of the first game, when arriving on the Krogan homeworld Tuchanka, it is revealed that Wrex has united the Krogan under Clan Urdnot. When spoken to, Wrex shares his plans for the future of the Krogan race. If asked to join the mission against the Collecters, Wrex declines due to fears of the clans separating again in his absence.

Mass Effect 3

Wrex returns in Mass Effect 3 but is not a team member.


Mass Effect

- Shepard.

Mass Effect 2

- Shepard! My friend!

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