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    A seemingly reserved individual, but has a burning passion to liberate the moon. She fights along with Sigmund the Liberator and fully places her trust and faith in him. She is also drawn to Capell because of his strong and kind heart. Aya is one of the characters

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    Aya is the daughter of Emirate of Fayel. Despite being next in line to the throne, she decided to fight alongside Sigmund the Liberator in his Liberation Force. One day, Aya broke into Graad Prison attempting to break out Sigmund. However, it wasn't Sigmund in prison, but Capell, who looks like Sigmund. After helping Capell break out of Graad Prison, and reuniting with the Liberation Force, she passes out due to a wound she received while helping Capell. Capell carries her to Nolaan, where she is able to get her wound treated. After her wounds were treated, she and Capell head to Castle Prevent to help Sigmund destroy the chain. Aya would also ask Sigmund to allow Capell to join the Liberation Force, to which he was accepted.

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