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    Eiji the archer is one of the main characters in Gladius.

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    Role in Story

    Before the events of the game, Eiji was hired by Mutuus and Nephilia to help obtain the remains of the Dark God. She can be seen in a short cutscene near the beginning of the game, but isn't officially introduced until about half-way through.

    You encounter her in her homeland, the Windward Steppes. The team discovers that they are required to add an archer to their gladiator school in order to compete in the games there and run into Eiji in their search. She claims to be the best archer in the camp, which the party doesn't seem too sure of. To prove her claim is not empty boasting, she tells Usus to throw three apples at her as quickly as he can and that she will put an arrow through each of them. Valens laughs at this, saying it is impossible and Urlan is quick to agree, but Ursula encourages her to try.

    She knocks an arrow and tells Usus to begin. She catches the first apple on her knocked arrow and then fires. It passes through the second in mid-air and takes the third out of Usus' hand before he had the chance to throw it. She passed her challenge (though not in the way the team was expecting). Usus compliments her on her cleverness and she is readily accepted into the group.

    Eiji's reputation as an archer (and thief) apparently precedes her, being recognized by several NPCs throughout the Windward Steppes for her skill. The party is also warned by one of the league officers to be wary of her, claiming that she's "a real trickster." She leads the party about the Steppes, giving them advice and arguing with Urlan (and Ludo, if the player selected Valens as their main character).

    As the game progresses and more is discovered about the Dark God's return, Eiji's guilt eats at her until she decides to confess to Valens that she aided in the return of the Dark God, taking him aside from the group to tell him. Before she can explain, however, Ursula approaches and mistakes their private chat as something considerably more romantic. She storms off in anger as Valens chases after her, trying in vain to explain that it wasn't what she thought.

    Later, Eiji does get the chance to explain and is forgiven by Valens, Ursula, and Urlan, which inspires her to promise her aid in the battle against the threat that she helped bring about. She takes a more minor role throughout the rest of the story, but remains in most of the story battles and as a very effective choice for a long-range character.


    Eiji is arguably the most proficient ranged character in the game. She combines the Archer and Amazon classes to great effect, drawing on the Archer's effective long-range arrow shots and the Amazon's many skills that target (and often inflict debilitating status effects on) male characters. She is also unique in that, although she is a ranged character, she has a very effective melee combo that can be used to deal heavy damage on an opponent that gets a little to close for comfort.

    One of Eiji's weaknesses is her low defense due to her inability to wear armor. This does, however, also grant her greater speed and initiative, allowing to move more often than many of her more burdened-down opponents.


    • She is in near-constant conflict with Urlan early on, though their relationship eventually develops into more friendly joking.
    • She seems to trust Valens a great deal, as he is the only she one she trusts enough to tell her secret (until near the climax of the story).
    • Discounting Ursula's brief misunderstanding of Eiji and Valens' relationship, the two women get along quite well.
    • Ludo and Eiji's relationship could be described as openly hostile (though many of Ludo's relationships could be described as such). Ludo nearly constantly ridicules her and her culture, and though Eiji rarely trades insults with him, it is clear she is not at all fond of him.


    • "Let's get this party started!" - Eiji, at the start of a battle.
    • "Got you in my sights."
    • "I never miss!" - After an arrow successfully connects with an opponent.
    • "Bullseye!" - Upon using her appropriately-named "Bullseye" skill.
    • "Do you like what you see, Imperial?" - after attacking a character from Imperia.
    • "Do you like what you see, Northerner?" - after attacking a character from Nordagh.
    • "Do you like what you see, Southerner?" - after attacking a character from the Southern Expanse.
    • "One day you're going to be put into your place, Ludo. I just hope I'm around to see it." - to Ludo

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