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    Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Jun 24, 2008

    Released for the US on June 24, 2008, Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift continues Square-Enix's commitment to mixing the Final Fantasy universe with turn-based tactics. Join Luso Clemens as he attempts to return to his former world all while solving some of Ivalice's own problems.

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    As school lets out for summer break, Luso Clemens finds himself halted from enjoying his time off due to his knack for tardiness and misbehavior in class. Luso is ordered to aid Mr.Randell in the cleaning of the school library . His fate, constructed only by his own recklessness, sees him absorbed in a dusty old book after he writes his name in it.

    A portal to the magical land of Ivalice thrusts him right into the heart of battle and Luso has no choice but to join the ranks of Clan Gully. With a mysterious Revgaji named Cid leading the clan, Luso quickly gets wrapped around twists and turns beyond his grasp. The quest to return home is strewn with conflicting feelings and tough decisions; turbulent times are aplenty. Familiar characters and familiar worlds may line the setting, but only Luso's fate may line the pages of the Grimoire.


    Turn-Based Tactics

    Like previous releases, Final Fantasy Tactics A2 (FFTA2) utilizes a turn-based tactics mechanic outlined on a grid. Based on their speed statistic, units will take turns moving and attacking from fastest to slowest. If a unit does not move or attack, their next turn will come quicker. Each unit has limitations involving their move space, attack range and overall stat growth; most of which depends on the job and the base level. Battles take the form of quests issued at pubs located throughout the world. Examples include escort missions, item finding quests, field-clearing battles, etc. Most battles and quests usually involve depleting the enemy's HP down to zero. In addition to accepting quests, certain ones may have a time limit attached to them; plot-based quests exclude the limit.

    Job System/Abilities

    Holding true to previous FFT games, FFTA2 uses a job system to supplement unit growth and abilities. With fifty-six jobs, from Warriors to Summoners, FFTA2 sports the biggest job tree in all the tactical spinoffs thus far. Mastering a job involves equipping a job-specific weapon, armor or accessory and gaining enough ability points to learn attached abilities. When enough abilities are learned, new jobs will open up. Certain advanced jobs will require the completion of a sidequest; certain jobs are also exclusive to certain races as well.

    Judge System

    FFTA2 sees the return of the Judge system from its predecessor only with a few changes. You no longer procure penalty cards for breaking the law, should you break the law of the match you forfeit your clan privilege selected prior to the beginning of a match, the ability to revive a KO'd ally and any bonus items you may have been rewarded to you should you complete a match without breaking the law.

    Clan Privileges

    New to FFTA2 is the addition of Clan Privileges. These privileges are buffs or bonuses you can activate prior to a match, should you break the law of the match you will lose your chosen privilege for the duration of the match. The privileges come in the forms of increased Power, Speed, Agility, and Luck as well as increased AP, EXP, Gil or Clan Points gained after a match.

    Clan privileges are initially given to you based on how you answer the questionnaire at the start of the game. Other privileges are earned through Clan Trials which can be obtained at Pubs.

    Clan Trials

    Clan Trials are a new feature added to FFTA2. These trials, which are obtained at pubs, are "side quests" that have you completing a specific objective for a Judge for which he will reward you new clan privilege, a clan trial, increased clan abilities and possible discounts on shop items and quest costs.

    When you engage a trial you have a choice of titles which may increase the difficulty of a trial but substantially increasing your reward.

    Clan Points

    Clan points are earned after each mission. These clan points can be used to purchase coins used in the Auction House mini-game in order to help give the player an edge against the other clans.

    Auction House

    Also a new addition to FFTA 2 is the Auction House. Once a year the Auction Houses across the land will open up for twenty days. The Auction House brings forth a mini-game where you will bid against other Clans for the control of the various territories of the over world map. Should you win a territory you may be rewarded with an item the next time you pass through that area. Should you win every territory in a single region you will completely control it and will no longer have to bid against the other clans for ownership. If you don't win all of the areas in a territory then the next cycle will see you having to re-bid in order to remain in control of areas you've already won. When you attain full control of a region the next cycle of the auction house will have you bidding for items instead. This is especially helpful for acquiring new pieces of equipment in conjunction with the Bazaar. A Grand Prize is also rewarded to the player if they can win all of the auctions in a region, you cannot skip an item or else you forfeit your chance of earning the grand prize.


    Another new feature is the Bazaar, which allows the player to take crafting materials earned from quests and dropped off enemies you slay and craft new weapons, armors and accessories. Each item is composed of three different materials. Materials fall into different tiers of quality and requires you to match the right materials together in order to obtain a new piece of equipment. Once you've created a new piece you have to buy it from the shop. Some items will be permanently added to the shop while others highlighted in red will be a one time only purchase, crafting that item again in the bazaar will render you an additional purchase of that item.


    • As part of the Ivalice Alliance, The re-release of Final Fantasy tactics on the PSP saw, added connections to other games. One being a cameo by Luso Clemens. After Ramza bumps into him and helps him out, He joins claiming that he's looking for his friends.

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