Arcadian Atlas

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    An SRPG with gorgeous pixel art inspired by classic games from the 16-bit era

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    Arcadian Atlas is a tactical role-playing game developed by Twin Otter Studios that hearkens back to classic pixel-art games of the 90's. Filled with intrigue, betrayal, love, and the struggle for power - it is the story of a kingdom mired in civil war and the dark forces brewing under the surface, ready to tear it to shreds.


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    A princess declared illegitimate, a ruthless queen willing to risk everything to keep Arcadia from her hands, and the love of two soldiers torn along with the kingdom - welcome to Arcadian Atlas.

    When the royal family splits, blood will be spilt.


    Assemble your troops from among four core classes: Ranger, Cavalier, Apothecary and Warmancer. Develop their skills on the battlefield, deploying them in the lush pixel art maps of Arcadia, and fight using a selection of special skill trees in turn-based tactical battles.

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    When your troops are experienced enough, promote them to their advanced classes, ranging from the disciplined Ronin to the untamable Reaver.

    Each class has multiple play styles and branching skill trees to ensure players can customize how they approach each challenge, and recruitment centers allow you to hire new troops based on your personal approach.

    On April 5th, 2016, Twin Otter Studios launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund Arcadian Atlas.


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