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The Cannoneer is a Bangaa-Exclusive Job that appears in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. They specialize in dealing devastating ranged attacks, as well as using "Ether Shell" and "Potion Shell" which is used to restore MP and HP to his fellow clanmates. Cannoneers use Cannons exclusively and it is interesting to note that Bangaa Cannoneers are the only non-Moogle gunner class in the Final Fantasy Tactics franchise. In order to change to the Job, the Bangaa must master two Dragoon skills and the player must have completed the quest "The Bangaa Brotherhood."



Final Fantasy Tactics A2

The Cannoneer can learn the following Skills:
SkillWeapon Required
 Prime Diklum
 Foresight Supernal Ray
 Buckshot Omnis Cannon
 Scope Ligatur
 Mortar Massive Bazooka
 Target Dromaeo
 Potion Shell
 Hand Cannon
 Ether Shell

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