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    Dead or Alive: Xtreme 2

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Nov 13, 2006

    Play as one of the Dead or Alive ladies in this volleyball and mini-game collection.

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    Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 is the sequel to Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball, and features the female characters of many Team Ninja games. The game revolves around the obtainment of credits. Credits can be earned by playing volleyball, racing on jet skis, and other activities. Those credits can then be used to buy collectible swimsuits, gifts, or for gambling. Xtreme 2 focuses mostly on expanding that collection of swimsuits; a feature appealing to fans of collecting objects like Pokemon, or cars in the Gran Turismo series. A notable controversy exists surrounding the prominent use of scantily clad women as a draw. Unlike the first game, which pitched itself as a valid beach volleyball game that just so happened to feature a cast made entirely out of busty, scantily-clad women, going as far as to hide all other elements of gameplay from marketing, Xtreme 2 makes no pretense about it, openly admitting that the central draw to the game is ogling virtual women in bikinis.


    All playable characters hail from the Dead or Alive series. A particular girl's favorite color, food, and hobby are all information to be considered when making gift-giving decisions; an integral part of winning over a girl's favor and fostering friendships. Friendships are built by giving hobby-relevant gifts in the correct color wrapping paper. Another way to pursue relationships can be found in the minigames scattered about Zack Island.


    • Nationality: Japanese
    • Hobbies: Beauty Treatments
    • Favorite Food: Marrons Glaces
    • Favorite Color: Dark Purple


    • Nationality: Japanese
    • Hobbies: Piano
    • Favorite Food: Japanese Fruit Cocktail
    • Favorite Color: Orange


    • Nationality: Japanese
    • Hobbies: Fortune Telling
    • Favorite Food: Strawberry Millefeuille
    • Favorite Color: Milky Pink


    • Nationality: American
    • Hobbies: Surfing
    • Favorite Food: Cherry Pie
    • Favorite Color: Crimson Red


    • Nationality: British
    • Hobbies: Driving
    • Favorite Food: Tomato Juice
    • Favorite Color: Black

    Lei Fang

    • Nationality: Chinese
    • Hobbies: Aroma Therapy
    • Favorite Food: Almond Tofu
    • Favorite Color: Lemon Yellow


    • Nationality: French
    • Hobbies: Walking Her Dog
    • Favorite Food: Blanc Manger
    • Favorite Color: Pearl White


    • Nationality: German
    • Hobbies: Cooking
    • Favorite Food: Sachertorte
    • Favorite Color: Sky Blue


    • Nationality: American
    • Hobbies: Sports Games, Cycling
    • Favorite Food: Seafood
    • Favorite Color: Sapphire Blue

    Xbox 360 Game Installation

    Doesn't exist. For reasons unknown, Xtreme 2 doesn't allow HDD installations. Game save files can also not be moved or copied. If the user migrates HDD saved data to a new HDD via the Xbox transfer cable kit the data will not be moved from the original save destination.

    Activities and Mini-games

    Unlike its predecessor Xtreme 2 doesn't focus solely on volleyball. Originally, there were 42 suggested mini-games to be included in the game out of the suggested ideas seven mini-games actually are featured in the game. Like the first, however, the relationship aspect the game is again played up heavily.

    Beach Volleyball

    Like the original game, volleyball consists of two teams with two competitors. First to seven points wins.

    Pool Hopping

    A timing mini-game that can be played solo to earn money or in a competition against another girl. Players tap the "A" button in rhythmic timing to jump from floating platform to floating platform. First girl to the other side wins. If playing solo more money is awarded for faster times.

    Water Slide

    Players slide down the waterside in a inner-tube. Money is earned for faster times and players are disqualified if they go off course. Players must go to the sports shop and purchase a Water Slide ticket for 150 Zack dollars in order to participate in the water slide event.

    Beach Flag

    A race competition against another girl. Both competitors lay on the sand belly down upon the signal to start players must rapidly tap the "A" button to make their character run faster. First girl to retrieve the flag at the end of the course wins. Like the water slide a ticket must also be bought in the sports shop to participate in the event.

    Jet-Ski Race

    Several players race around various courses. Players are provided with a default jet-ski but several more jet-skis with varying stats are available to purchase in the sports shop. Players can also preform tricks to make extra money during the races.


    Two girls stand on floating platforms inside the pool holding the rope. Players can either tug the rope or feign tugging the rope in hopes of fooling your opponent. This mini-game requires a ticket from the sports shop.

    Butt Battle

    Two girls on a floating platform use their hips and butt to try to knock the other competitor into the pool. Players can either strike, dodge or if the stick is flicked back and forth quickly preform a power move. Best of 3 rounds wins the match. A ticket from the sports shop is required.


    Players can engage in multiple forms of gambling including slots, blackjack, roulette, and five-card poker. The casino is only available at night after players retire to their hotel rooms.

    Pole Dancing

    A gravure event which can be unlocked by getting a "Secret Ticket." The ticket is obtained by getting nine jackpot wins in one sitting on the Christy themed slot machine in the casino. The ticket can be used once to view the event after which the item is expended and removed from the players inventory.


    • "Summer Breezin" by Diana King
    • "How Crazy Are You" by Meja
    • "Double Lovin" by Baha Men featuring Reiss
    • "Sweet Sixteen" by Hilary Duff
    • "Quiero Que Me Quieras" by Olga Tanon
    • "Like That Girl" by Fatty Koo
    • "Holla" by Baha men
    • "Is This Love" by Bob Marley
    • "Lovin' You" by Janet Kay
    • "Brazilian Sugar" by George Duke
    • "Dreamin" by Sweet Female Attitude
    • "Flower ( Cutfather & Joe Mix )" by Sweet Female Attitude
    • "Nothing To Lose" by Sweet Female Attitude
    • "Reggae Dancer" by Inner Circle
    • "Another Love Story" by Play
    • "Sweet Sensual Love" by Big Mountain
    • "The Kids Don't Like It" by Reel Big Fish
    • "If It Don't Fit" by B*Witched

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