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    Purple haired Kunoichi in the Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden series.

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    Early Years

    Shiden, the 17th leader of the Mugen Tenshin clan marries a woman named Ayame. Together, they had two children; Hayate and Kasumi. Shiden's brother, Raidou however rapes Ayame, and impregnated her. Thus, Ayane was born.

    Genra, the leader of the Hajin-Mon sect. of the Mugen Tenshin clan trained Ayane to become a kunoichi. As a child, Ayane's sister Kasumi received more care and attention than her. She was not supposed to reccieve such treatment due to the nature of her birth, and that it would bring her family shame. As a result, Ayane was very jealous of her sister and developed a hatred for her. Ayane was born into a dark world, shunned by her peers and family.

    These events were brought to light through the intro movie for Dead or Alive: Ultimate.

    Ninja Gaiden

    Prior to the events of the Dark Dragon Blade incident, Ayane served as a messenger for her clan, delivering information to various other ninja clans including the Hayabusa Ninja Clan and the Shadow Clan. When she notices the Hayabusa Village on fire, she quickly goes to ask Murai, leader of the Shadow Clan for aid, as the Shadow Clan is located closest to the village. It just so happens that Ryu Hayabusa, son of the Hayabusa Clan leader Joe Hayabusa, is visiting Murai at the time and quickly goes to investigate.

    Ayane assists Ryu on his quest to retrieve the Dark Dragon Blade and to obtain revenge on those who slaughtered his clan by scouting out areas and feeding him information from the shadows. She throws Kunai near Ryu over the course of the game to explain basic gameplay mechanics, as well as offering hints and support to Ryu.

    Ninja Gaiden 2

    Ayane on her quest to retrieve the Dragon Eye
    Ayane on her quest to retrieve the Dragon Eye

    Ayane assists Ryu once again in his quest, as he aims to retrieve an ancient artifact that was stolen from his village. She aids Ryu by retireving the magical Dragon Eye to transform his Dragon Sword into the True Dragon Sword.

    In Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, you control Ayane on her mission to retrieve the Dragon Eye from the fiends.

    Dead or Alive

    Raidou prepares to perform the Torn Sky Blast
    Raidou prepares to perform the Torn Sky Blast

    After assisting Ryu Hayabusa in the defeat of the Vigoor Empire as well as the Archfiend, Ayane returns to her clan. While she is there, Raidou also returns in an attempt steal a special move kept secret by the Mugen Tenshin clan. This move is called the Torn Sky Blast. Hayate and Ayane attempt to protect it by fighting Raidou, and the fight unfortunately ends with Raidou using the Torn Sky Blast on Hayate, thus putting him in a coma.

    The following day, Kasumi abandons the clan, as well as her place as the leader of the Mugen Tenshin clan in order to exact her revenge for Hayate's injury. The clan brands Kasumi a traitor and tasks Ayane with assassinating her. Kasumi, believing that DOATEC knows the whereabouts of Raidou, enters their new tournament called Dead or Alive, taking place on a large cruiser ship called "The Survivor". Ayane enters the tournament in hopes of completing her task of eliminating Kasumi. They both confront Raidou, who waits for the tournament in order to take care of Kasumi and Ayane. In the end, Raidou is crushed by the falling debris of the arena, and both Kasumi and Hayate go missing.

    Dead or Alive 2

    Less than a year later, Ayane enters the second Dead or Alive tournament in hopes that it will lead her to Kasumi. Ayane spots a confused, lost Kasumi but was interupted by Kokoro before she could catch her. Ayane later confronts Kasumi, and loses to her in the tournament. Ayane also runs into Hayate who has awaken from his coma, but has amnesia.

    Ayane confronts Helena Douglas
    Ayane confronts Helena Douglas

    Ayane also meets Helena for the first time. Helena suspects Ayane was involved in the murder of her mother. However, Ayane toys with Helena's emotions and denies nothing about the murder. It is later revealed that Ayane had nothing to do with Helena’s mothers death.

    After the tournament, Ayane returns to the Mugen Tenshin Clan and learns that the man who raised her, Genra, is missing.

    Dead or Alive 3

    Ayane as she appears in her Dead or Alive 3 ending
    Ayane as she appears in her Dead or Alive 3 ending

    Ayane enters the third Dead or Alive tournament in search for Genra, the man who raised her in the dark, far from the rest of the Mugen Tenshin village. Genra allowed himself to be taken in by DOATEC to become a part of their superhuman experimental project. He was experimented on, and was formed into the bio-weapon known as Project Omega.

    As a result, Ayane and the rest of her clan brethren enter the Dead or Alive tournament with the intention of defeating Omega to stop him from destroying everything in his path. When he is confronted by Ayane and Hayate, Genra uses his new powers to hold back his attackers, but with help from Ryu Hayabusa and his Dragon Sword, Ayane manages to defeat her only father figure.

    Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball

    Ayane receives an invitation to the Dead or Alive 4 tournament, but when she arrives to the island where it is supposed to be held on, she discovers it was a ruse by Zack. Still, a free vacation is a free vacation and she makes an attempt to enjoy herself. Kasumi also happens to be staying at the island. For whatever reason, Ayane makes no attempt to assassinate her. Eventually, Zack decides to self-destruct the island.

    Dead or Alive 4

    Ayane and Hayate during their mission to destroy DOATEC
    Ayane and Hayate during their mission to destroy DOATEC

    After the vacation Ayane once again, returns to the Mugen Tenshin Clan. Shortly after, Lisa alerts the clan to a new project that DOATEC is working on. Their plans to evolve the Kasumi Alpha clone prompts Hayate to decide that DOATEC must be destroyed. Ayane pledges her life to helping Hayate achieve just that. Ayane and Hayate both enter the Dead or Alive 4 tournament and succeed in their mission with the aid of Helena Douglas. The tournament comes to an end with the destruction of DOATEC.

    Dead or Alive Xtreme 2

    When you're tasked with killing someone, you work with what you've got
    When you're tasked with killing someone, you work with what you've got

    Some time later, Zack becomes a billionaire once again and vows to rebuild DOATEC to “bring peace to the galaxy.” Using rather ludicrous methods, he brings the previously destroyed Zack Island to shore He then sends out invitations to DOA 5. Kasumi goes thinking that she’ll be able to see Hayate there, Ayane pursues Kasumi in an attempt to complete her mission. As expected, it was a hoax once again, and it becomes a women-only vacation. Once again, for whatever reason, Ayane confronts Kasumi on the resort but makes no attempt to assassinate her.

    Ayane is set to return in Dead or Alive 5.


    Ayane is a no-nonsense kind of woman. Being shunned from her village an early age, she has grown angry, and vengeful towards those who made her childhood miserable. As a result of this, she gladly wishes to see Kasumi's demise, as she was always preferred over Ayane.

    Ayane admires her half-brother, Hayate. As a child, he was one of the only people in the village to treat Ayane well, and with respect. As a result, she is very fond of Hayate, and she cares greatly for him. Under his command, she pledges her life to fight alongside Hayate in what so desires to pursue. She wishes to keep Kasumi away from Hayate, as it seems that they fight over Hayate. She also feels no hatred towards her mother, Ayame despite her abandoning Ayane due to the nature of her birth.

    Fighting Style

    Ayane is highly skilled in the art of the Hajin Mon style of Mugen Tenshin Ninjutsu. She was taught to be a strong fighter by Genra, in the shadows as she was shunned and hidden away from the rest of her clan.

    Ayane as she appears in Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, sporting her Fuma Kodachi.
    Ayane as she appears in Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, sporting her Fuma Kodachi.

    As a result, Ayane is a tricky, dangerous and very fast kunoichi. She uses fast strikes and makes ideal use of kicks to perform incredible moves. Ayane has two stances; her regular standing stance and her stance where her back is turned, facing her opponent. When she is in this stance, she can utilize very dangerous grabs and incredibly fast flips. In addition to this, she makes great use of spinning techniques. Utilizing very fast spinning techniques, she can deal quick kicks or perform devastating grabs at any time to keep her opponent on their toes.

    In addition to her fighting techniques, she also makes use of her Fuma Kodachi. Using these deadly twin blades, she has fought her way through various fiends to retrieve the Dragon Eye for Ryu Hayabusa. To accompany her blades, she also carries incendiary kunais.

    Ayane unleashing her ninpo towards Kasumi
    Ayane unleashing her ninpo towards Kasumi

    Ayane is also trained to perform ninpo as a result of her Hajin Mon training. She can perform the Art of the Raging Mountain God, where all of her inner rage performs a large purple blast around her upon slamming her first into the ground.


    • Ayane's birthday is on August 5th
    • Ayane's blood type is AB
    • Ayane's favorite food is Marron Glaces
    • Ayane's favorite color is dark purple, hence her hair color.
    • Ayane is the youngest character on the Dead or Alive roster, aged 16. However, she turns 18 in Dead or Alive 5.
    • Ayane has the biggest bust size out of all the female characters in the entire series, a spot shared with Tina and Christie.

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