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    Rumble Roses XX

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Mar 28, 2006

    It's all female wrestling in Rumble Roses XX, the sequel to Rumble Roses.

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    Rumble Roses XX is the second entry in the Rumble Roses franchise, started on the Playstation 2 in 2004. Japanese developer Yuke's again utilized their skill and experience in crafting and implementing a wrestling engine that doesn't cut corners as far as gameplay.

    Like the first title it is a wrestling game featuring an all female cast of fictional fighters. It is notable for its highly sexual presentation, drawing criticism from some reviewers. The character list is identical to the first game, but expands on the series Vow System (whereby you are able to adjust a slider through performance to alternate between Face and Heel versions of each character) adding 'Superstar' versions of the multiple personas. This brings the possible character list to 40 (plus unlockables), although like the first game not all guises are able to be selected at once.

    The game features several improvements from the bare bones original, offering Tag Team matches and Xbox Live play for 4 players. Also added was the Queen's Match (replacing mud wrestling matches from the first title) and Photo Mode, an expanded version of the Gallery Mode seen in the first game.


    The following are playable wrestlers and their alter-ego characters.

    Rumble Roses XX puts little effort into providing context to the characters or the relationships between them, limiting it to outbursts from characters at match loading screens, or unique tag team introductions. Based on the previous two games, it can be inferred that:

    • Miss Spencer is in the competition solely to find and collect her truant student Candy Cane and return to Canada with her.
    • Reiko Hinomoto is the sister of Evil Rose, and both are the daughters of Lady X.
    • Dixie Clemets and Aisha have a friendly rivalry.
    • Makoto is friends with Aigle and resentful of fellow Japanese Reiko.

    Game Modes

    Rumble Roses XX has the following locations on the game map:

    • Tutorial - To learn the basic moves and mechanics.
    • Exhibition - Essentially a practice mode for you to work on your moves.
    • Arena
    • Skyscraper
    • Red Valley
    • Street Fight - A match akin to a normal fighting game where victory is gained through depleting your opponent's health bar.
    • Queen's Match - A match where the loser is forced to carry out a 'penalty game'.
    • Xbox Live - Where you can take part in player/ranked matches online.

    Matches can be singles, doubles, 3-way, 4-way or handicap, although Street Fights and Queen's Matches are limited to singles. Also limited to one-on-one fights are the 'Pure Humiliation Matches' (PHM) which can only be ended by one of the fighters successfully executing a 'Humiliation Move' (H-Move).

    Rumble Roses XX does not have a typical single-player career mode. Rather you select a character and through winning in the many fight types (excluding Exhibition) gain popularity. Upon gaining enough popularity, you are able to select the 'Superstar' version of your character that has an improved move set and a new entrance and costume. Players can get a chance at winning either the singles or doubles championship through gaining consecutive wins in that type of match. There are also Reward matches to win additional costumes, although there is a requirement for each to become available, such as defeating specific characters or loading the game a certain number of times.

    The game also has a shop to buy items and a Locker Room mode to customize characters or create your own. It also has a photo shoot mode with which you can take photos and upload/share them over Xbox Live. A Museum mode also allows you to check out the various artworks you have purchased and collected. Money is gained through winning matches.

    Xbox 360 Game Installation

    Rumble Roses XX requires 4.5 GB of free space to be installed on the Xbox 360. The installation improves load times significantly.


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