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    Fable III

    Game » consists of 16 releases. Released Oct 26, 2010

    The third game in the Fable series sets you with the task of overthrowing your own brother, the tyrant ruler of Albion, as the kingdom enters the industrial era.

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    Fable III is set fifty years after the events of Fable II. This latest instalment returns to the continent of Albion, which is now entering its industrial age, and is also now under the rule of the tyrant King Logan who is also the player's elder brother.

    The player's character, the Prince or Princess, is forced to lead a revolution against King Logan, who has become a tyrant since succeeding to the throne following the death of the previous monarch, the Hero from Fable 2. As the younger child of the Hero, the game is split into two distinct sections. The first part concerns the gathering of allies to overthrow King Logan and install the player character as the new ruler of Albion. The second part focuses on governing the kingdom; the hero must decide how to govern Albion, whilst making preparations for an incoming supernatural threat from the faraway country of Aurora.


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    One of the main stand-out points about Fable III is its absolute lack of a menu system. Reflecting on the messy Fable II menu system (with sub-loads and lists), Molyneux decided to remove the menu system completely. Instead, when pressing the start button, the player gets teleported to the main character's sanctuary, which is being looked after by the player character's butler Jasper. Among other things, Jasper gives helpful advice in and out of the game, as well as to act like the "guide in the new menu". Moreover, the Sanctuary provides the main character with an opportunity to change his/her clothes in their wardrobe. Menu systems have also been lifted in shops: instead of scrolling through purchasable items, players simply now grab them off the shelves. Finally, the type of magic used by the player is now presented with different gauntlets, all of which are also stored at the Sanctuary, so players can now pick them without menus as well.

    Furthermore, with the main character now being the king of Albion, he/she will have a large amount of wealth. While players could choose to spend all the money for new outfits and upgrading the castle (if they choose to get a family, it will pressure players into doing such actions), or players could choose to help the people with it, which will reward more over time. In fact, players could choose to spend their money on taxes, prevention of crime, and fair distribution of wealth among other things to help Albion. The player must also choose how to deal with citizens that will refuse to cooperate with the government: they could simply ignore them, throw them into dungeons, or even butcher them with an army, all of which would influence the karma of the main character. Moreover, when the threat of invasion from Aurora arises, players will have to determine how much money to spend on military to win the war.


    The combat in Fable III was largely left unchanged in comparison to Fable II - it still uses the 3 button system to change between melee, ranged, and magic, with the addition of new weaponry that arrived with the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in Albion.

    Looking at the way the character changed in previous games according to his karma, the same system was now applied to weapons in Fable III, so an evil character will have an ominous, flaming, skull-faced axe, while a good character would have a sharp shining blade.

    NPC Interaction

    The social interaction in Fable III was been watered down relative to Fable II, with the main character talking to others through a small subsection of emoticons. That said the general karma system for the main character will remain the same as Fable II, with his appearance, as well as outside opinion changing in accordance with his actions.


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    The story of Fable III is set approximately 50 years after the events of Fable II. The land of Albion is now under the control of a tyrant named Logan, who is leading the country into a state of collapse. The hero of the game is Logan's younger brother/sister, and it is his/her duty to overthrow the evil king to bring Albion back to its days of glory. In the first half of the game, the player will have to gain support from Albion's subjects so that a revolution is possible. The people eventually responds to the call to arms but only when the Hero has made several big promises when the revolution is over and is crowned king/queen. The major pledges are made towards:

    • Sabine, the ruler of the mountain Dwellers, who hoped to see that the mountains restored to their original state so that Dwellers could resume their way of life.
    • The citizens of Brightwall Village, who want to see their prestigious Academy (originally closed down by Logan) opened again.
    • Major Swift, leader of a military force known as the Swift Brigade, who wishes to be reinstated to his post as Albion's top military commander.
    • Page, the leader of the the Bowerstone Resistance, who asked the Hero to do something about the urban poverty in Albion's Bowerstone Industrial district.
    • Kalin, the representative of the faraway kingdom of Aurora, who asked that her home be annexed by Albion, and granted extra protection from the Crawler (more of that later).

    The revolution is successful, and Logan is deposed. Whether he is spared or not is up to the player. However, when the main character will come to power in the second half of the game, he/she learns that the Crawler (a shadowy entity he/she fought while traveling to Aurora to recruit its citizens for the revolution) will eventually attack Albion with a large army of shadows. The Hero will need to amass a large sum of money to a raise an army that will repel the Crawler and reduce civilian casualties. He/she will have to decide between upholding the promises made (all of which costs money), ruling Albion with a gentle hand that Logan lacked, and breaking said promises to save money for the incoming invasion from the Crawler... or for the Hero's personal enrichment.

    Regardless of the choices made, the Crawler's forces attack Albion a year into the Hero's time as Albion's ruler. He/she defeats the Crawler in personal combat, but at the cost of Sir Walter Beck, the Hero's mentor. The main campaign of the game ends with a funeral held to honour Sir Walter, with the Hero, Jasper (the Hero's servant), and Ben Finn (a follower of the executed Major Swift) as attendants. Sabine, Page, Kalin and Logan may also be in the scene, depending on the player's choices.


    The co-operative mode retains aspects from Fable II whilst adding or changing a few mechanics. Other players playing Fable III will still appear as orbs in the game-world but instead of the 'Mercenaries' that players were forced to use whenever they joined another player's session, they are able to join as their own unique character. Abilities, weapons as well as each player's dog are consistent in the co-op mode. Also, players are able to adventure Albion independently from one another without having the constraint of being close to one another.

    A new addition is that two separate players can now become married, share expressions (including experiencing a sexual relationship) and birth children. Gold and items procured in a co-op game can be carried back over to single-player mode. Non-romantic relationships are also possible, players can enter a business partnership to combine their resources to invest in property as well as earn bonus experience for performing well together in combat.

    Kinect Support

    Despite promising some kind of Kinect content for Fable 3 (exactly what was never announced), Peter Molyneux revealed on The Engadget Show Live that the game will NOT actually feature any input from Microsoft's motion-device. He suggested that he'd like to create a Fable game from the ground up with Kinect in mind. This has been borne out with the announcement at E3 2011 of Fable: The Journey.

    Avatar Awards

    Fable III has four avatar awards.

    • Royal Boots - Win the support of the Dwellers.
    • Royal Shirt - Win the support of the Bowerstone Resistance.
    • Royal Trousers - Win the support of the Swift Brigade.
    • Crown - Become the ruler of Albion.


    • Jonathan Ross accidentally leaked the existence of Fable III over his Twitter, several days before the game was announced. He said he had spent the day recording lines for Fable III. Once he realized his mistake he removed the offending tweet though it was too late and the Internet had noticed.
    • Actors from the company Shepperton Studios provided the voices for many of the characters in Fable III.
    • In the Weddings' section of the New York Times, Joshua Atkins' occupation was displayed as lead designer for Fable 3 before the game had officially been announced.

    Collector's Edition

    The Collector's Edition of Fable III comes with the following features:

    Fable III Limited Collector's Edition
    Fable III Limited Collector's Edition
    • A New Quest set in haunted forests of Silverpines.
    • An Exclusive Region of Albion
    • Fable III Playing Cards
    • A Guild Seal Coin
    • A New Breed of Dog - The Boxer
    • A Unique Outfit

    Pre-Order Bonus

    Reaver Sword and Morph Tattoo
    Reaver Sword and Morph Tattoo

    Pre-orders of Fable III at GameStop received a code for two in-game items, a tattoo and a sword, and 1000 gold.

    • Tattoo: Morphs as you morph; so the color will change depending on your alignment. For magic users, the tattoo will also become a will line when you use magic will lines. Finally, it will also increase your attractiveness toward NPCs, and it can be used to complete a specific quest in Aurora.
    • Sword: With a history linked to Fable 2 through Reaver, it is evil and gets bonuses for killing innocents, spending money and annoying people, just like Reaver.

    Pre-orders from Amazon received a code for two in-game items, the Champions Hammer and the Balance Tattoo, and the ability to import a created villager from

    Pre-orders from Best Buy gave a code for Garth's sword and tattoo from Fable 2.

    Pre-orders from Wal-Mart provided a code for Hammer's hammer and tattoo from Fable 2.

    Xbox 360 Miscellaneous Information

    The game requires ~5.7 GB of space in order to install the game to the Xbox 360 HDD or other external storage unit. It should be noted that the install does not completely remove the slow down that periodically occurs in the game world and the load times aren't drastically different from when it isn't installed.

    PC Version Information

    The PC version was released on May 20th. The PC version contains extra content like an extra difficulty level and all the DLC that was then available.

    The requirements for the PC version are:


    • Operating System: Windows XP 32 bit, Windows Vista 32\64bits, Windows 7 32bits\64bits
    • CPU: Core 2 Duo @ 2Ghz or AMD Athlon X2 4000
    • Video: NVidia 7600 or ATI HD 2600 Pro
    • Memory: 2GB RAM
    • DirectX 9.0c
    • HDD: 12 GB disk space


    • Operating System: Windows XP 32 bit, Windows Vista 32\64bits, Windows 7 32bits\64bits
    • CPU: Dual core 2,9Ghz
    • Video Recommended: Nvidia 260 GTX 986MB or ATI 5770 1GB
    • Memory: 4GB RAM
    • DirectX 9.0c
    • HDD: 12 GB disk space


    The original soundtrack for Fable III was composed by Russell Shaw.

    Track #Song TitleRunning Time
    01Fable III Theme02.54
    02A Hero Awakes02.23
    07Fight or Flight02.42
    08The Dwellers04.19
    13Music Box00.40
    15Reaver Mansion11.13
    20Logan's Trial02.28
    22Death of Walter02.47
    23Farewell Walter00.56

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