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    Mega Man

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    Created by Keiji Inafune, Mega Man is a highly advanced robot in the shape of a young boy. He is the main male character of the Mega Man series by Capcom.

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    Project “Robot Master” was started by the master robot designer Dr. Thomas Light in the year 200X. The intention of the Robot Master project was to create an Intelligent Humanoid Robot that could control robots of lesser intelligence. The first prototype to demonstrate this advanced artificial intelligence program was aptly named Proto Man.

    Dr. Thomas Light
    Dr. Thomas Light

    This Robot Master had the ability to to control a small squad of other robots in military scenarios. Just before the final testing of his systems were planed to finish, Proto Man escaped and was believed to be destroyed. This Robot Master was the foundation for Mega Man, and was eventually found by Dr. Wily and restored to its full capacity and then some.

    After the disappearance of Proto Man, Dr. Light set forth with his next revision of the Robot Master design. Believing that a lack of companionship caused Proto Man to flee, Dr. Light constructed two robots simultaneously, designing them to work as a pair. These robots were named Rock and Roll (the naming of these two characters was completely intentional, the music theme is very strong in the Japanese version of Mega Man. Proto Man is known as Blues in japan, and eventually Bass and his robot wolf companion Treble were created for the series) Rock was created as Dr. Light's lab assistant. With this in mind, Dr. Light designed Rock with the ability to mimic a tool after seeing it in use for the first time.

    Dr. Albert Wily
    Dr. Albert Wily

    This ability was later adapted to allow Mega Man to mimic the powers of the other Robot Masters in the games. Roll was modeled after a human female and was referred to as Rock's sister throughout the series. Roll was designed as a house keeping robot.

    After the completion of these two robots, Dr. Light used what he had learned to create six more Robot Masters to be used for construction and maintenance. These robots revolutionized the way society dealt with dangerous tasks. Because of this, Dr. Light was to be publicly recognized for his brilliant contributions to science. This event would lead to Dr. Light's colleague Dr. Albert W. Wily to grow mad with envy, and eventually capture and reprogram all 6 of the robot masters. From here Dr. Wily used the now evil robot masters to capture the city, holding it for ransom unless he was given the recognition he believed he deserved.

    The robot masters would not be easily defeated by a regular army with out destroying the city in the process. Dr. Light knew there was only one option remaining. Rock decided to volunteer to be converted from a lab assistant bot, to a fighting robot. With his upgrades came a new name, and from then forward was he known as Mega Man. He would use his new powers to defeat Dr. Wily on numerous occasions.


    Mega Man 1

    Dr. Wily the evil scientist have stolen the six robot masters and reprogrammed them as his evil soldiers.Later on Dr. Light in order to stop Dr. Wily's terror he reprogrammed his laboratory assistant as fighting robot and Mega Man was born.Then Mega Man started his quest for justice and defeated six robot masters Ice Man, Guts Man, Elec Man, Fire Man, Bomb Man and Cuts Man and travels to Dr. Wily's fortress where he defeats him and stops his evil plans for the first time.

    Mega Man 2

    Dr. Wily returns with his new castle and eight new robot master to fight against Mega Man.After defeating all the robot masters Mega Man heads for Wily's new castle and defeats him again.

    Mega Man 3

    Dr. Wily returns for the third time but he says that he has changed and team ups with Dr. Light to build a giant robot for world peace.The new set of robot master that have created to collect required energy gone berserk and its up to Mega Man to stop the robot masters where he also meets Proto Man for the first time.Later on Dr. Wily stole Gamma the peace keeping robot and used it against Mega Man but defeated in the end.

    Mega Man 4

    Fourth adventure of Mega Man stars with Dr. Wily kidnapping Dr. Cossacks daughter Kalinka and forcing Wily forces Cossack to creat a new series of robot master to destroy Mega Man.After defeating Cossack and his robot master Proto Man cames with Kalinka which he saved by betraying Dr. Wily and Mega Man goes after to defeat Dr. Wily and he succeeds.


    Frank West dressed as Mega Man
    Frank West dressed as Mega Man

    Mega Man has made cameos and appearances in many of Capcom's titles over the years.

    • An Outfit in Dead Rising. The outfit also comes complete with a Mega Buster Arm, allowing the main character to fire balls at zombies at the mall.
    • As a playable fighter in Marvel vs Capcom, Marvel vs Capcom 2 and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom (as Mega Man Volnutt)
    • As a playable character in Cannon Spike
    • Mega Man has been announced as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Super Smash Bros. for 3DS.Mega Man uses Mega Buster, Metal Blade, Leaf Shield, Crash Bomb, Hard Knuckle, Slash Claw, Flame Sword, Top Spin, Super Arm, Spark Shot and Flame Blast.
    • Mega Man also makes a cameo appearance in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 in Days of Future Past stage and in Nova's ending as a Nova Corps member

    He makes many Non playable cameos as well, sometimes seen as a background character in the game. Some of these cameos include Capcom World 2, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Pocket Fighter, Mighty Final Fight, Power Stone 2, Boktai, Boktai 2, Lunar Knights and The Misadventures of Tron Bonne.

    Mega Man from the Captain N show.
    Mega Man from the Captain N show.

    Outside of games Mega Man has made appearances on TV as well. His first Animated appearance came on the 1989 series Captain N: The Game Master, a series that brought together many characters from Nintendo Video games. All of the characters would aid Captain N, whose one mission was to save the world of "Videoland", an alternate universe made of a mishmash of NES games. Unfortunately, Mega Man's appearance on Captain N was anything but awesome. Not only is the visual appearance of Mega Man completely wrong, but his voice only makes things worse. Mega Man, for whatever reason, appears to have a speech impediment, and the odd tendency to add the word "mega" in front of words for emphasis.

    On September 11th, 1994, Mega Man was given his very own cartoon series. This series was created by Ruby-Spears and ran two years. The series featured many of Mega Mans familiar foes, including Cut Man, Snake Man, Guts Man, Proto Man (aka blues), Dr. Wily , and many others. The series stuck closely to the usual formula for a Saturday morning cartoons. Each week Dr. Wily was up to no good, and Mega Man shows up to save the day.

    As depicted in the animated series.
    As depicted in the animated series.

    It would seem as though Mega Man's character was once again lost in translation. Instead of being portrayed as a young boy, he sounded and acted more like a teenager. This was also the case with Mega Man's "sister" Roll. The decision was more likely a choice made to make Mega Man appeal more to the American audience, and was far more tolerable than his Captain N incarnation.

    Mega Man also starred in a three episode Japanese anime OVA titled Rockman in 1993. These episodes were created to help spread information about the Japanese culture. Within these episodes Mega Man battles Dr. Wily, while learning various facts about the Japanese society, while receiving help from Proto Man.


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