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    Cut Man

    Character » appears in 22 games

    Another of Dr Light's mechanical men who goes berserk after being reprogrammed by Dr Wily. Built for forestry, attacks with giant scissors.

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    Cut Man was a Light robot stolen by Dr. Wily to perform evil. He is one boss in Mega Man and gives the Rolling Cutter when defeated. His weakness is Guts Man's Super Arm weapon.


    Cut Man was originally made for deforestation, but one day Dr. Wily stole him from Dr. Light, along with all the other robots (in the original storyline and Mega Man Powered Up). If one plays as Cut Man in Mega Man Powered Up, everyone except Cut Man is stolen. Cut Man is then changed to have infinite Rolling Cutter and the ability to hop off of walls, allowing more manoeuvring.

    His personality is very timid and polite, formally speaking to everyone and stuttering, as seen in Mega Man Powered Up. He doesn't like to fight, but he will battle against anything evil or threatening him. He also enjoys his job as a wood-chopping robot.


    Aside from Mega Man and Mega Man Powered Up, Cut Man has been a popular character in the series of games.

    Cut Man, along with all other robots made by Dr. Light, is in Mega Man 3 at the ending.

    Cut Man has a short appearance in Mega Man 7 in the intro. A small comic featuring Cut Man is seen in the paper showing Dr. Wily and Mega Man together.

    Cut Man appears in the Sega Saturn version of the game Mega Man 8 as a secret boss in Duo's level. He sought revenge against Mega Man for his first defeat, but loses again, and drops a bolt for Mega Man to use.

    He also has the distinct privilege of being the only robot master to appear in the Mega Man X series, notably, Mega Man X8. If the player does well enough in all of the trials in Optic Sunflower's stage, a teleporter appears at the end of the stage that leads to a battle with Cut Man in a 3d recreation of his chamber from Mega Man. Cut Man himself, however, still appears as a 2d sprite and behaves similar to how he did in Mega Man. There is no reward or weapon obtained for beating him.


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