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    Fire Man

    Character » appears in 14 games

    A robot master from the Mega Man franchise. He shoots fire.

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    Fire Man is one of Dr. Light's original Robot Masters. Originally made for waste disposal, he was captured by Dr. Wily and reprogrammed by him to do evil deeds.

    Fire Man's attack pattern is basic: he runs away from Mega Man and turns around and shoots every chance he can get. He is weak to Ice Slasher and is one of the two Robot Masters to have this weakness also in Mega Man Powered Up, the other being Cut Man being weak against Guts Man's move.

    Fire Man's personality is, as one would possibly expect, fire-based. He is a pyromaniac who talks about nothing but how he burns the flame of justice and will kill all evil things. He also speaks with a southern accent and uses Fire Storm.

    His unique ability in Mega Man Powered Up is to burn ice-created blocks and go through them to other parts of a particular stage. If he is hit by any water, his head goes out and he must find a fire wave to get the flame back on his torch. He is also completely unhurt by flame.


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