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    Ice Man

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    A robot master from the original Mega Man game. Originally built by Dr. Light for use in extreme cold environments, Ice Man was reprogrammed by Dr. Wily to cause destruction and mayhem.

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     Ice Man was made by Dr. Light for researching through sub-zero areas. He was stolen by Dr. Wily for an attempt at world domination, but after Mega Man defeated Dr. Wily, Ice Man went back to Dr. Light and used for normal purposes. 

    In the original Mega Man, his level is full of icy floors and water. Enemies are robots with legs that come off, little machines that move on the floor, and propeller-powered penguins. He is weak to Elec Man's Thunder Beam.

    In Mega Man Powered Up, his personality is timid. He seems to have schizophrenia, and constantly has conversations with himself discussing being a soldier. He is weak to the Hyper Bomb weapon, unlike the original Mega Man game. If Mega Man fights him only using the Mega Buster, Ice Man can then be reprogrammed and used. His ability is freezing enemies and walking on top of them.


    Ice Man appears as a very small cameo in Mega Man Legends 2 and Mega Man 8.  

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