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    British heavyweight boxer and proprietor of the curly moustache.

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    Gutter trash!
    Gutter trash!

    Introduced in Street Fighter III: New Generation, Dudley is a British boxer and perfectionist both in and outside the ring. When his father's prized automobile is stolen Dudley pursues a man named Gill, leader of the Illuminati and final boss of the game. Accompanied by his butler, Dudley takes on all comers in an attempt to recover his fathers car. Sir Dudlington reappears in 3rd Strike after being knighted.

    Dudley returns in Super Street Fighter 4, in pursuit of new roses for his garden, and to take his mind off of his father's car. He returns home empty handed, only to find a wild rose growing in his garden.

    Dudley's winning comments in Third Strike

    • "Despite your manners, I like your style.Let me buy you a drink..."
    • "Even a spectator needs to be sharp to comprehend the grace of boxing!"
    • "Not very articulate, are you? work on your movements, chap!"
    • "Learn to fight with some class! self-respect breeds discipline!"
    • "To win with prestige and glory is a sensation like no other!"
    • "A champion does not achieve victory when fuel by anger."
    • "A punching bag that can bleed is not a suitable rival for me."
    • "Fight like a gentleman..."
    • "Live like a gentleman... "


    Special Moves

    • Jet Uppercut - Dudley's dragon punch.
    • Machinegun Blow - Dudley's staple, a forward rushing move where he hits the opponent multiple times in quick succession, followed by an uppercut. The EX version launches an opponent. Usually only used in combos.
    • Ducking Straight - One of two followups from his command dash, delivers a heavy punch to the opponent's chest.
    • Ducking Uppercut - The second followup to his command dash, has Dudley deliver a two hit uppercut.
    • Cross Counter - Dudley lowers his arms, and puts on a goofy face, just hoping his opponent hits him. If they do, Dudley receives the damage, but instantly counteracts with a punch.
    • Short Swing Blow - Dudley quickly moves back a couple feet, and comes back with a tremendous right hook. Used to throw off the opponent during block strings or as throw bait.

    Super Art ( SF3)/ Super & Ultras ( SSF4)

    • Rocket Uppercut - Dudley does two quick Jet Uppercuts, followed by a delayed one that hits multiple times. His most damaging super. This is also his Super move in Super Street Fighter IV, and is one of the best, as it can be comboed from a variety of attacks such as a Jet Uppercut.
    • Rolling Thunder - His first ultra in SSF4. Used to punish fireballs
    • Corkscrew Blow (Corkscrew Cross in SSF4)- A quick hitting super that has him squat and lunge his fist forward with a wave of wind encircling it. Dudley's second ultra in SSF4. Usually the ultra of choice due to the wide number of moves it can combo off of.

    Fighting Style

    Dudley is a quick and powerful fighter. He uses many fake-outs and is entirely compromised of command moves. He also is able to juggle quite effectively, due to his EX Machine Gun Blow launcher and crouching roundhouse. Definitely one of

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    the more able characters in SF3, his SA3 (Corkscrew Blow) has an extremely short bar and the ability to store 3 of them while also doing quite decent damage. It can be used after a Ducking Uppercut followup to any of his launchers. He also has the most overhead attacks in the game, including a 3 hit blow. He is one of the few choice characters in the Street Fighter universe to have command combos.

    In Super Street Fighter IV, Dudley works his way inside, where he can quickly dispatch of opponents with damaging combos and a strong mix up game.


    Dudley wears a white dress shit with bow tie, green trousers, matching suspenders and a pair of blue boxing gloves which he seems to always be wearing, even when drinking tea, reading the paper and tending to his garden. Dudley also sports a spiffy handlebar moustache.

    Endings (spoilers)

    Street Fighter III: New Generation and 2nd Impact: Giant Attack

    • Semi-canon

    Gill is on the ropes after the fight with Dudley; So as the reward, Kolin hands Dudley back the Jaguar car. Driving through the countryside, Dudley marvels at his car's capabilities, nearly breaking off the steering wheel.


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