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    Professional Wrestler

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    Professional wrestlers have appeared in loads of games over the years.

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    The professional wrestler has appeared in a variety of video games either as an overarching archetype of a fighter or as simply a competitor in a wrestling themed game.  The latter is certainly more common, as many wrestling games base off popular pro wrestling franchises have been made throughout the years since the sport's popularity.  Many other games feature fictional professional wrestling circuits with the competitors usually being more exaggerated examples of classic wrestlers (Ultimate Muscle, Fire Pro Wrestling, etc.)

    Furthermore, the professional wrestler was popularized in many beat 'em up games and has become a staple of many fighting franchises.  In beat 'em ups, characters who use professional wrestling maneuvers are usually characterized as the slow moving tank with overwhelming grappling techniques, a'la Mike Haggar in the Final Fight series.  Fighting games nowadays usually feature at least one character in their roster who is either a professional wrestler or uses pro-wrestling moves as the main moves in their arsenal.  Although they all usually utilize grapples as their main source of offense, they can be as diverse as the typical slow-moving tank (Zangief in Street Fighter, Armor King in Tekken), a middle of the road grappler (Hawk in Virtua Fighter, King in Tekken) or even as some of the speediest characters in the game (El Blaze in Virtua Fighter, El Fuerte in Street Fighter).


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