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Effie is a strange Russian girl whom is also Necro's girlfriend. Effie met Necro while they were captured by Gill's organization, Illuminati. During that time they became fast friends, and soon boyfriend & girlfriend. During their time with the Illuminati, they were experimented on as part of the "G-Project". Effie is blonde and wears a red outfit; she is loyal to Necro and also mimics some of Necro's actions.

Effie, saving Necro.
Effie, saving Necro.

In the Street Fighter III games, Necro joins the third World Warrior tournament for a chance for his freedom and Effie's, but Necro was tricked by Gill and had Necro tied up in a place that was about to be set off by a bomb. But Effie comes and frees Necro, making their escape. In Third Strike, Effie and Necro are now fugitives after Gill finds out Necro survived. Gill orders his organization to hunt down Necro and Effie. While running away from members of Gill's organization, they reach the top of a train trying to escape out of Russia. Necro fights them off and succeeds. Then Necro realizes that even though he's a mutant, he will use his abilities to protect Effie.

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