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Games that need a sequel, remake, or new installment.

This is my personal list of games I think need either a sequel, a remake, or a new installment in their series. In order to make the list the game has to either have been out so long that it's obvious that it won't have a sequel made otherwise they would have already done it, or it can be a fairly new game that for one reason or another probably won't be revisited by the gamemakers.

List items

  • Hands down the best RPG on the Dreamcast, SoA had memorable characters, an imaginative world, and so many layers of gameplay it could impress even the most hardened RPGer. If you were tired with the story, you could explore the world in your air ship, discover hidden monuments and locations, battle other pirate ships, recruit crew members, build your base, and so much more. This combined with the unique shared energy points system in battle made SoA a new experience that we could all use another taste of.

  • It's been years since Marvel VS Capcom 2 came out, and in that time both Marvel and Capcom have created tons of great new characters. Heck, for that matter there's tons of old characters that could have been in the previous games but weren't. Who out there doesn't want to see Dante from Devil May Cry taking on Daredevil, or Leon From Resident Evil 4 going up against Multiple Man, and who's up for a match between Amaterasu vs Sister Grimm from Runaways?

    *EDIT* Hey congrats folks, we asked and we received. I'll keep this on the list till it officially comes out just in case anything goes wrong, but for now it looks like we're in the clear XD

  • How has this game not had a sequel made for the Wii? With the imaginative spray paint system the Wiimote was made for this. That and the artistic cell-shading and the hip soundtrack made this game worthy of a sequel.

  • Psychonauts was fun, flat out fun. Not only did it have likable characters, great voice acting, environments and settings that had you going from relaxed to on the edge of your feet, and wonderful writing, but it was also hilarious. Psychonauts is one of those games that only come around once a decade, but it really shouldn't. We should all be lucky enough to be treated to a second installment.

  • Gamers in Japan got a sequel to their version of this game, why can't we? EBA proved that there's more to music and rhythm games than hitting buttons on a plastic guitar. It was so upbeat, colorful, fast paced, and down right fun that even if you hated some of the songs you still found yourself bobbing your head and tapping your toes to the music.

  • With Street Fighter proving that 2D fighters can be brought into the 3D world (well 2.5 but you get the point) it is time for other great fighting games to come back, and the first one I'd like to see is the Rival Schools series. (Now I know Rival Schools was a 3D fighter and not 2D, but I still think it should get the 2.5D treatment) Rival Schools combined all the fun of Street Fighter with even more unique characters. This game found a way to take all the different characters you might run into in a typical high school, everything from a baseball player to a biker punk even to a yearbook editor, and turn them into fighters with their own unique attacks without making it seem hokey or corny at all... Well, maybe it was a little corny, but in a fun way.

  • This wouldn't really be a sequel so much considering the ending didn't give us many places to go, it would more of be a return to the concept. Ten new Colossi, a new hero with a new land to explore, and with brand new next gen graphics and gameplay.

  • Shenmue was very ahead of its time with its way of story telling and we've seen many games borrow or pay homage to it since, so why not bring it back to give it the proper respects. Not to mention this game was supposed to be a sixteen part series and yet we only got two, sounds like it isn't yet complete to me. So come on Sega, Sonic has enough games out there for now, time to get back to some of your lesser known characters.

  • Okay, I'll admit this is unlikely to get remade or sequeled since you have to install a ton of computer programs to have a chance of even playing the original for a second so nobody knows what this is. But seriously, just go to the page, look at the characters, and then tell me they aren't some of the most creative looking creations we've seen in a long time. Every one of them has a great feel to them and range from exciting to epic. With some crisper graphics this should at least be made as DLC, but until then keep searching the internet folks.

  • The Jak series was supposed to be a trilogy, and this game wrap things up pretty well, but then they added a racing game to the mix which was average to say the least, so this great series can't go out like that. Plus Jak and Daxter were sort of like the rivals of Ratchet and Clank, and that series keeps going on, so it's time that Jak and Daxter up their game.

  • With its original two screen combat system, its likable characters, and innovative fashion aspect, this game blew more than a fair share of socks off. Who out there doesn't want to see what other characters might end up getting sucked into the Reaper's game?

  • This game blew me away when I first got a chance to play it, and admittedly that was mostly because I had never seen graphics like that at the time, so now that isn't really that relevant. But the other reason was because of the great gameplay and wide cast of characters. I'll never forget how cool it was the first time I collected all the power stones and saw my character transform into a power house. I'd love to see that on the modern day consoles with a new cast of characters.

  • Get Dan Castellaneta to do the voice, get the writers from the old cartoon, and make this thing HD and you will have my money on a reservation today.

  • Okay, now I know what you're all thinking. "Wait a second, this game already had two sequels, and the Street Fighter series has already come out with another installment with Street Fighter 4." Good point, so why is it that this game is on the list of games that need sequels? Well because this game introduced a ton of great new characters, none of whom appeared in Street Fighter 4. Now I understand that 4 took place before 3, so it would make sense that the characters wouldn't appear, but that doesn't mean we all don't deserve to see them come back in the new 2.5D graphics.

    *EDIT* Hey look at that everybody, we got some of the SF3 characters into SSF4. Looks like popular demands won out in the in. But I think for now I'll keep this on here in the hopes that even more characters appear.

  • In a gaming world full of aliens having their heads blown out and people being punched into bloody pulps or being pulled in half, Zack and Wiki proved that you can be clean and family friendly, and still be very enjoyable. This puzzle game might have looked like child's play, but after a few hours you'd find yourself going out of your mind trying to figure out some of these secrets. And with so many games refusing to really test out brainpower, it's nice to have a game that actually made you think.

  • This game was meant to introduce another character in the Ace Attorney series, but it was still deeply entrenched in the Phoenix Wright character and his world. It would be nice to see Apollo come back in a story that is 100% his own.

  • I know that BlazBlue was made by the people who made Guilty Gear, and it's basically the same game with new characters... But with those great graphics and gameplay who wouldn't want to see Sol Badguy get the next gen treatment.

  • I know that Okami is supposed to get a sequel on the DS, but I'm still putting this on the list because I'd love to see those amazing graphics on a next gen console, especially with an HD TV. The sequel wouldn't have to follow Amaterasu again, but I'd love to see a return to the paintbrush battle system and that beautiful artwork.

  • I've already mentioned how the 2.5D graphics have answered the prayers of 2D fighting game fans, and this is another one of those games that needs to come back to take advantage of it. I don't really think I need to go into an explanation of what made Darkstalkers imaginative and fun, anyone who's played it knows the answer to that.

  • This might seem like an odd pick since it's so new, but I get this feeling like there isn't any chance of this game seeing a sequel. I can't explain why, it was lots of fun, original, and it sold well, but the story kind of implies that we won't see this concept revisited. A shame though, it's one of the best RPGs on the DS to come out in a while.