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    GameTek, Inc.

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    A video game publisher that produced many early licensed game show adaptations for computers and consoles. In the 16-bit era, they expanded to cover a more eclectic range of genres.

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    GameTek initially produced home computer versions of popular game shows such as Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy. They were owned by IJE, a company that owned the licensing rights to produce electronic versions of said quiz shows and had decided to publish the games themselves after noting the success others were having with game show adaptations.

    Later on GameTek would extend their boundaries and release games of any genre, often taking European games and publishing them in the US. In addition, they created a subsidiary, Cybersoft, which published games for the Super Nintendo platform.

    In 1995, GameTek announced Robotech: Crystal Dreams, a game based on the anime Robotech for the Nintendo 64. The game received much interest due to its long development cycle, eventually being canceled when GameTek filed for bankruptcy in 1997. After GameTek's bankruptcy some of its assets were acquired by Take Two Interactive. GameTek is, as of now, defunct.


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