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    Dead Space Extraction

    Game » consists of 10 releases. Released Sep 28, 2009

    A prequel to Dead Space, Extraction tells the story of the original Necromorph outbreak on the USG Ishimura. The game trades the original's third-person action for a hectic on-rails shooter from a first-person perspective.

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    Dead Space Extraction is a prequel to the original Dead Space that swaps out the third person perspective for a guided, on-rails shooting experience. Electronic Arts chose to market this entry as a "guided first-person experience," though the game's level of interactivity is not that different from the average on-rails shooter. The game was originally released on disc for the Wii in 2009 and later released on the PlayStation 3 and PSN in conjunction with Dead Space 2.


    Set three weeks before the events of the original Dead Space, the story begins with a small group of space colonists on Aegis VII experiencing the origins of the Necromorph infection, which begins after the excavation of The Marker from the planet and bringing it aboard the Ishimura. Players take control of several different survivors that are trying to not only survive the Necromorph attacks, but also escort a woman named Lexine back to the Ishimura.


    Initially only released on the Wii, it was later released on the PlayStation 3 on the same day as Dead Space 2. Those who bought the initial "Limited Edition" prints of Dead Space 2 had Dead Space Extraction included on disc, but it is also available separately for purchase on the PSN. Subsequent "non LE" prints of the PS3 version of Dead Space 2 will only contain a demo of Extraction. With the LE version, it installs to the hard drive through the "Extras" section of the disc on the XMB onto the system. Since Extraction is installed from the Dead Space 2 disc itself, and not the PSN Store, the actual Dead Space 2 disc needs to be inserted in order to play it. The game features updated HD graphics and supports the PlayStation Move motion controller.


    Dead Space: Extraction is a first-person on-rails shooter, but EA calls it a "guided first-person adventure", since the game does a few things different from traditional on-rail shooters. While you will be guided through the environments of the USG Ishimura, there will be branching path options. Extraction also features a slower pace than most traditional shooters to fit in more with Dead Space's survival/horror aspects.

    Features from Dead Space returned for Extraction, including:

    • Stasis - a module that allows you to slow down time
    • Kinesis - a module that allows you to move objects freely in any given space
    • Zero G sequences - moments in the game where the player is outside of the USG Ishimura in zero gravity
    • Upgrades - by collecting power nodes, players can upgrade their weapons, armor, Statis module, and Kinesis modules for better performance

    Dead Space: Extraction features a co-op mode that allows a second player to jump in or out of the game at any point during the story mode.

    Extraction features use of the Nintendo Wii's motion sensitive controls. With the Rivet Gun, the controller must be turned to the side in order to shoot it properly. A quick shake of the Wii controller will activate a glow stick that can be used to light up areas around the player. Aiming in the game is also achieved with motion sensitive controls.

    Extraction features a minimal heads-up display (HUD) just like its predecessor. Health and ammo will be displayed on the player's firing reticule.


    All of the weapons in Extraction follow the same ideology of Dead Space, in that they are essentially mining tools reworked to be a deadly arsenal. All weapons feature an alternate fire mode just like they did in Dead Space.

    • Rivet Gun

    The main infinite ammo weapon in the game a tool that most of the engineers use on a daily basis in the mines. The rivet gun is used in several occasion during the story to rivet panels together.

    1. Primary Fire: In its normal fire mode the rivet gun shoots a standard rivet at a slow rate of fire but powerful enough to rip a limbs of most enemies in one shot.
    2. Alt Fire: In its secondary mode the rivet gun charges up and shoots a much more damaging rivet
    • Plasma cutter

    The plasma cutter like the rivet gun is also commonly used my miners to cut of small pieces of rock.

    1. Primary Fire: the plasma cutter's primary fire methods consist of shooting a horizontal beam of energy that is wide enough to slice multiple limbs in one hit
    2. Alt Fire: By twisting the wii-remote and engaging alt-fire it is possible to shoot a vertical beam with the plasma cutter.
    • P-Sec Pistol

    The P-Sec Pistol is the standard pistol that every P-Sec(urity) agent carries around.

    1. Primary Fire: In its standard mode the P-Sec Pistol shoot rounds one by one at a high velocity
    2. Alt fire: Every time the player presses the trigger three rounds will be shot at once however at a lower velocity then in primary fire mode
    • Pulse Rifle

    The Pulse rifle is a heavy duty ammo hungry machine gun.

    1. Primary Fire: In its normal mode the Pulse rifle shoots rounds in a automated fashion at a high rate of fire.
    2. Alt Fire: By keeping the trigger button pressed the player can charge up blast of 10 round each with the Pulse rifle.
    • Line Gun

    The line gun is the heavy duty variant of the Plasma cutter also used in the mines but to cut of large chunks of rock.

    1. Primary fire: Shoots a extremely large horizontal beam of energy that can cut several enemies in half at once, the Line gun has a rather slow rate of fire however slower then the Plasma cutter.
    2. Alt Fire: Fire a timed bomb that once its timer ends explodes in a large blast of energy shred nearby enemies apart.
    • Arc Welding gun
    1. Primary Fire: Fires an electricity bolt capable of arcing to nearby targets. Unlike most of the weapons in dead space extraction the Arc Welding Gun's primary fire mode can not rip of limbs.
    2. Alt Fire: Shoots a concentrated ball of electricity that knocks back targets.
    • Flame Thrower

    Actually one of the tools miners use to melt certain materials in the mines.

    1. Primary fire: Shoots a steady stream of hydrazine flame fuel that instantly sets enemies ablaze and that when hitting them prevents them from moving forward making it an ideal weapon for crowd control.
    2. Alt Fire: Shoots a lit ball of fuel that can travel a much longer range than the regular fire mode at a target that sets them ablaze.
    • Ripper
    1. Primary Fire: In this mode the Ripper controls a floating turning saw blade that can be manipulated in any direction making this mode rather similar to a chainsaw
    2. Alt-mode: In this mode the Ripper propels the wide saw blade forward as a projectile.
    • Force Gun

    1. Primary Fire: Fires a large forceful blast that can knock enemies back and, at very close ranges, kill or dismember an enemy.

    2. Alt-mode: Fires a grenade that explodes when it comes into contact with an enemy.

    • Contact Beam

    1. Primary Fire: Allows the player to charge up a beam, and then let off an incredibly powerful shot that can destroy almost any enemy at close to medium range.

    2. Alt-mode: Fires a large explosive in a wide arc directly in front of the player.


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