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    Gabe Weller

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    A security officer once stationed on the USG Ishimura and later in the mines of Titan Station, Gabe Weller is a battle-hardened sergeant who can not catch a break from Necromorph outbreaks.

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    Dead Space Extraction

    Weller is one of the three central characters of Dead Space Extraction, and is playable for portions of the game. An experienced security officer, he is a friend of P-Sec veteran Nathan McNeill, who saved his life during the Resource Wars. He was assigned to the USG Ishimura during it's operation on Aegis VII. Gabe is among the first people to encounter the Necromorphs that were created by the newly uncovered Red Marker. He fought his way through the outbreak to safety along side Nathan and Lexine Murdoch, a civilian the two found and rescued. It is revealed at the end of the game as the survivors depart  that he has bad memories on The Sprawl, their new destination, though beyond that, nothing more is known.

    Dead Space: Severed

    Gabe Weller returns as the playable character for this downloadable single player expansion for Dead Space 2. After arriving on The Sprawl, Weller appears to have continued his career as a security officer, and despite his somewhat rough treatment of her in Extraction, he is married to the now pregnant Lexine. When the infestation hits, he makes his wife's safety a top priority. This forces him to go rogue, as there were orders to terminate the hospital's "key subjects", which included Lexine and Isaac Clarke. One of Gabe's former friends and coworker is hellbent on carrying out those orders and attempts to eliminate the two through ruthless means. The couple manage to escape capture from both him and two Unitology conspirators, however, right before Weller can make it onto the escape ship with Lexine, the injured officer catches up, grabs him, and activates a grenade. Weller manages to kill the man, but is unable to escape the explosive's blast radius, resulting in a lost leg. In an act of self sacrifice he manually overrides the air locks in the ship's hangar while fending off an onslaught of Necromorphs in order to insure his wife's survival. He dies alone soon afterward and his body is collected by EarthGov for unknown purposes.


    • Gabe Weller is voiced by and modeled after actor Ramon Tikaram
    • Weller's Patrol Suit RIG in Dead Space: Severed appears to be unique to him, as the one available to Isaac in the core game lacks his distinctive eye piece.

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