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    Blue Estate

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Oct 14, 2013

    An on-rails shooter for the PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4, designed for use with the Leap Motion peripheral(PC). Based on the comic book series Blue Estate.

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    Using the Leap Motion controller, the player holds one finger up to the screen to guide the gun towards the enemies that pop up on screen. Other hand mechanics include opening the hand palm down to activate cover at certain points. To reload, the player simply points downwards. Finally, the character will be swiping their finger left, right, up, or down to respond to context sensitive moments. These moments can include things like: swiping the hair out of the character's eyes, opening/closing doors, picking up health and weapons etc. The player shoots the targets for points; players get extra points for scoring headshots, or getting priority shots.

    There is a combo system that increases for each successive kill without being shot. At several points, players may encounter points of slowdown to shoot several on screen enemies at once, giving a large bonus to successful completion. Also, the player will encounter several shooting gallery style moments where enemies pop up and he or she is asked to shoot them as they pop up. If done successfully, the player gets a large point bonus. Throughout the story the player attains alternate weapons such as a shotgun and assault rifle, to compliment the basic pistol. The pistol has infinite ammo and fires 8 shots before it needs to reload. The Shotgun and Rifle both have a finite amount of ammo, but ammo pick-ups are scattered throughout the levels.


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