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    M is the head of MI6 in the James Bond franchise.

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    M is a title held by the leader of MI6. The person holding this title is responsible for managing all of MI6's operations, and is a central character in the James Bond franchise.


    M (real name Olivia Mansfield) was the new handler for MI6 and briefs Bond about the Goldeneye satellite was used in Severnaya in order to make the Russians kill themselves that was set by General Ourmurov and Xenia Onatopp.

    Tomorrow Never Dies

    In Tomorrow Never Dies, M was monitoring the arms bazaar with chief of staff Charles Robinson and Admiral Roebuck in order to check some terrorist activities around the arms bazaar before launching a cruise missile to destroy the arms bazaar but M criticzizes Roebuck that Bond was still in the arms bazaar that he’s doing his job.

    007 Racing

    In 007 Racing, M briefs, Bond about the NATO weapons have gone missing along with MI6’s BMW 750IL that they haven’t returned so he dispatches Bond to New York to rendezvous with Jack was about the stolen NATOs.

    Agent Under Fire

    In Agent Under Fire, Bond chats with M about Griffin who was a clone that is spawned by the vials that are revovered from Hong Kong that they’re made from Switzerland so Bond must go to Switzerland for the investigation for the vials.

    The World Is Not Enough

    In The World is Nor Enough, M ordered Bond to guard Sir Robert King’s daughter, Elektra King after he was killed by Renard with a booby trapped briefcase.

    Die Another Day

    In Die Another Day, M dismisses Bond for his reckless action in North Korea after he killed General Moon, thinking the MI6 have set Bond up. Back at London, Bond reconciles M back to MI6 in order to end General Moon’s schemes for his revenge.


    In Nightfire, M briefs Bond to discover the stolen space weapons that was stolen by a Brazilian-Russian industralist Raphel Drake after his Phoenix tech equipment it’s stolen from unknown terrorists in Paris.

    Everything or Nothing

    In Everything or Nothing, M orders Bond to find 006 who was in Peru but a Man in a yellow suit named Diavolo who was a KGB agent and the industralist of the Volotech that he could use his nanobots in order to surrender Russia for power.

    Quantum of Solace

    In the game adaptation of the 2008 film Quantum of Solace, M is the narrator of the game's debriefing cutscenes. She makes an official appearance later in the game, denouncing James Bond for his actions and suspends him from active duty. Bond manages to make a quick escape from his escorts, so that he can finally confront Dominic Greene & General Medrano at the Perla de las Dunas - an eco hotel in an uninhabited area of Bolivia. M decides to let Bond pursue this mission, as she was supposed to trust him.


    • So far in the James Bond video games, M is voiced by British actress Judi Dench who also portrays the character in several James Bond films.

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