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Xenia Onatopp  is a famous Bond Villainess in the femme fatale mold portrayed by Famke Janssen in the James Bond Goldeneye movie. She is a masochistic lethal assassin , who takes a primal delight in finishing off her foes violently.  Xenia is a Soviet trained Fighter and Helicopter Pilot .

Appearance in Game Adaptions

Xenia serves as an enemy NPC and a playable multiplayer character in every adaption of Goldeneye 007 so far.  She has also appeared as a multiplayer character in 007: Nightfire
 Xenia as she appears in Goldeneye:Rogue Agent
 Xenia as she appears in Goldeneye:Rogue Agent
In the new Goldeneye remakes her biography and story has been altered
significantly to fit the updated plot. She also appears in Goldeneye: Rogue Agent with yet another completely redone storyline and background, this time  working for the infamous Bond Villain Dr. No .

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