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Played by Sean Bean in the movie. The ingame texture resembles his real face.

In the First level of Goldeneye for the N64 (and Film of the same name), 007 aka James Bond infiltrates a chemical weapons facility in the Soviet Union .  Here he meets up with fellow secret agent; Alexander “Alec” Trevelyan. During their joint operation to destroy the facility, Trevelyan is captured and seemingly executed. Bond however escapes and completes the mission.

Nine years later, however, Bond learns of a man going by the name of “Janus”. He is the head of a crime organisation and responsible for the theft of a helicopter and resulting explosion at a communications centre in Severnaya. When he finally meets up with Janus he is shocked to learn that he is really the presumed dead Alec Trevelyan.

Trevelyan’s fake execution was all part of a plan to allow him to leave the British secret service. When he was a boy of 6 yrs old his parents, after supplying information to the Nazis, attempted to defect to the British. They were sent back to the where countless numbers were killed by Stalin’s execution squads. However, unable to live with the shame of their survival, Trevelyan’s father killed his wife and himself.

Due to bond setting the timers that blew up the chemical weapons facility for 3 minutes instead of 6, Trevelyan also acquired physical scarring, and thus a hatred for Bond. Because of this, the former 006 makes the classic mistake of taking Bond hostage instead of killing him, and ends up dead as a result.


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