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    The successor to Q (who eventually became Q himself), R helps James Bond with his gadget needs. He is played by John Cleese and shares his likeness.

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    R, appeared in 007 Racing along with Q (set before the events of The World is Not Enough), were he advices him not to wreck his Q-enhanced vehicles and having them in pristine after Bond complete his driving missions.

    In Agent Under Fire, R was responsible for Bond by telling him that Zoe was killed by Carla the Jackal and in Romania, Bond recovered the chip from the damaged helicopter and analyze the chip that was linked to Malprave’s Cyclops oil rig.

    R, (alias Jack Francis) was an assistant to Q who was a technician who appeared in the MI6 HQ in Scotland. In MI6 HQ Scotland, R resupplied 007, the BMW Z8 and the inflatable jacket for his missions during the Elektra King case.

    Nine years have passed during the North Korean mission, R was promoted to Q (after Desmond Llewelyn passed away from the car accident), supplied more gadgets for Bond, like the Super Sonicglass shattered Ring and the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish (with an adoptive camouflage feature) before continuing his own business.

    In Everything or Nothing (after the events of Nightfire), Q supplied more gadgets three times like the Porsche Cayenne Turbo, coin grenades (like frag and EMP), robotic Q-Spider, Ducati Daytona 600 and a nanosuit (invisibility feature). Q gives some advice for Bond during missions and gadgets that helped him complete his missions.


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